SHE In this world adulterated with malice It is rare that you come across something pure and unadulterated In the grandeur of Sunset She came across as a blissful creature bestowing all with unaltered exuberance and delight Her sheer presence could brought Frozen leaves melt to life Dead flowers to blossom again She lived in … More SHE


Ohhk So here the first piece of Shit The day Started of pretty fine had internals the one we gave was a disaster No issues at least file got complete It was at night when the chemicals of my brain stirred briskly Ohhk so here we go See this girl tht I hv been having … More Confused


UNTITLED Came as a fruit of spring filled all with delight The prodigy had a look on his face that left all mesmerized Showered with unconditional love and care The guy was always apple of eyes Grew up into calm composed budding ambient With taken for granted love and care he became self indulgent All … More Untitled