In this world adulterated with malice
It is rare that you come across something pure and unadulterated
In the grandeur of Sunset
She came across as a blissful creature bestowing all with unaltered exuberance and delight
Her sheer presence could brought
Frozen leaves melt to life Dead flowers to blossom again
She lived in a world, ordinary dreamt of
She had things going the way she wished
To put it she was content and advancing toward a larger goal
Showering the way with her childish innocence
Which may sweep you off your feet in an instance?
To the epitome of confidence that she was
The world never mattered all that mattered were few close ones
But as has been life and its basic fundamentals
Every coin has two sides and her coin flipped, everything shattered
As has she been abundance of enthusiasm
She took it all with pride and elegance
Shook it off and didn’t let anyone know but few
On the surface things were in concinnity
But inside the glass was cracked
Form the surface people saw the beatific figure still spreading hope and happiness
But this was done on the cost of inner well being
What has remained pure in this debased world let the rotten stuff root in her?
But still the overpowering brilliance of her charm
Resisted the fungi of iniquity to set place in her
The world became more and more displeasing
Fighting it all she was still captivating
But an inner dam was on the verge of breakdown
The people whom she gave light in dark hollow world were out of sight
She was left alone in her fight
Her innate strength began to broke
Thoughts of giving up loosened her hope
All she needed was to realize a mere simple fact
Who gave her this charm, this elegance?
What was the reason of her unparalleled brilliance?
The answer being
What changed were circumstances that are prone to change
All she needed to know was she could still be herself
The embossment of pride and virtue
Intellect and confidence
Knowledge and wisdom
Does she really needed this world and its people
Not At All
In-fact they needed her to color and spark their dull life
All she needed was

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