The Ugly Happiness !~

A few days ago, I was coming back from my tuitions. The city, though small, is quite fast. 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers and the ever increasing, luxurious 4-wheelers, all were moving as fast as they possibly could (taken into consideration the mish mashed traffic on Indian roads) and through all the possible places they could possibly fit … More The Ugly Happiness !~

Another Chance !!~

I was having a really busy schedule for more than a few months now. My body was growing weaker by every passing day. It was an evening I came back home and went for an evening shower all of a sudden each and every muscle of my body slacked. I fell down on the marble … More Another Chance !!~

The Way of Brothers

Well today when i went upstairs, Dad was there Bullying my younger brother. Cant tell you what satisfaction the heart of a brother gets When you see your brother getting bullied by parents( Believe me it cant be compared with anything else it just one of a kind feeling ). And When you are the one to Whom your brother … More The Way of Brothers

The Life thing !

Well to  begin with, i will like to make it clear this not a book review instead its my learnings from the book. every day we wake up do our daily chores go to college or office or wherever , have some fun with friends on silly topics. Sometimes we feel angry  sometimes we feel sad at … More The Life thing !