And they part their ways… II

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“Hey “said Jake in a low voice.
“ Where the hell are you Maahn if you don’t come in next 30 minutes I am shutting the doors spend your night somewhere else than” Said Bill, Jake’s best friend and room mate. 
“Yeah Maahn will reach there in few minutes “said Jake in a Low tone.
“Everything’s alright? What happened?” asked Bill who expected Jake to reply aggressively to his taunting comments but was surprised by his submissive voice something he heard for the first time.

“Nothing will tell you when I reach there” said Jake and cut the call. In next few minutes he was driving down the lane to his room. How easy it is for gals to cry and drown all the sorrows in the form of tears God is unfair I want to cry… I want to cry… and he tears begin sliding down his cheeks traveling down his jaw line and ending somewhere at his neck. He was standing at the door of his room.

When Billy opened the door he was flabbergasted looking at Jake the guy who seemed to be so far away from worldly tensions whose main motive in this world was to have a fun time was crying. Crying at the door without even thinking about what this will do to his image (this he treasured most) without giving a damn about the world he was crying there like a kid who lost his most precious lollypop. 

 “What happened dude “offered Bill without knowing what else to say.
“She left me. She left me all alone my love it doesn’t matter at all” said Jake breaking down and flooding tears heavily for the first time since he gain sense. 

“Easy Maahn tell me all that happened we will figure out some solutions we definitely will” said Bill still uncertain of what right words to offer to his best friend who lie there broken and shattered to pieces. But to his amazement this words did exactly what he could have hoped for Jake spilled the entire night to Him word by word rather say emotion by emotion and also told him about what happened a week ago.

“You are an asshole” said Bill in a clearly disgusted tone he definitely was disappointed on his friend. Jake was dazed by this sudden exclamation from Bill but to his well being this instantly brought him out of his break up trauma. 
“That Gal deserves a secure future she has been with you through thick and thin good times and bad times. I hated her cause she took my Best friends time from me but than I was happy to see the smile she brought on your face more than that the care she always showered on you. I don’t mind saying I was jealous of you. But now I feel pity on you. How could you possibly let her go?”Said Bill with a force of hard words.

“ leave it Maahn I don’t want to talk about it. Is it necessary to talk about future when we still have some good time left with us” said Jake trying to defend himself where his insides knew what he has done.
“ Ahh great Maahn great you such a looser you will never except but as I friend I’ll suggest you to accept it this time its for your own good” said Bill aggressively yet sympathetically .  

“ Fuck You “ said jake and slipped into his blanket to fight a battle with his contradictory thoughts. 
After that Jake cut himself off the society he moved back in with his family removed himself out of all sorts of social gathering and even limited himself to visit college as less as possibly. He didn’t see Ellen for about weeks now the last time he saw her was draped in tears. Though he avoided her but every second thought that came to his mind still had her essence.

“As this you last week in the college tomorrow we will be having our New Beginning  Prom Night “ announced the dean to a group of the final year students. Jake didn’t want to come but it was compulsory to attend. Unlike any other usual function Jake was sitting in the first row inspite of his legacy as a backbencher. Though he restrained his eyes were continuously filtering the crowd to get glimpse of Ellen. There she was dressed in black sitting in the same row as he was a few seats from the farther corner. There eyes locked Damn!! And next moment they both turned away.

“Jake are you coming with someone. I mean can I join you for the prom.” Asked Stacy a gal who everyone said had crush on Jake but never said anything following Jake and Ellen’s relationship. It seems like the story of their break up spread in the entire college.
“No I m not interested I may not even come there.” Said Jake putting her off while reaching for his car.
“Maahn you’ve gotta go there and make thins up” said Billy on call.
“Billy its over dude “said Jake forcing the words out of his mouth.
“Doesn’t matter you’ve gotta come else I wont go as well” said Billy strongly
“Well you’ve gotta go Billy this is your last chance to get a gal” said Jake attempting humar.
“ I am serious dude “ said Billy and cut the call.

It was 7 in the evening and everyone started pouring in Billy was standing at the entrance of the huge hall specially and occasionally used for dance nights. Ellen she was there she had came it didn’t look like she was there with some partner but yeah she was there may be just to prove that she was strong enough to live with Jake. 30 minutes later Stacy came towards Billy waving her hand “Hi Honey there you are lets get inside” said she and began dragging Billy into the hall. Where the hell are you Jake!! You need to be here Damn it!!

…To be continued
Mayank Rajput
 March 5, 2010

10 thoughts on “And they part their ways… II

  1. lol its nice but er lower the abuse rates lol and grammar check 😐 u seem to have written it in haste revise it quickly 😛 and yeah spend more time on the next part of ur story please and er stacy is weird 😛 err anywayz cool the story is cool the grammar must be corrected or else i am a fool 😐 😐 😛

  2. Man its really awesome :DReally true emotions except Stacy though :PGr8 goin :Dwaitin for the next one :)n i agree wid Nikhz abt the "haste writin"………….

  3. this one was better than the previous one .. Though .. not a lot many guys abroad take love that much seriously as u described in this part of your blog… it was good otherwise..

  4. @ Aditya thanks for the generous comment man hmm well generalizing all the western people not really serious for love is unfair in my view as some of my most fav romantic movies are hollywood based

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