And They Part Their Ways… III


Dusk was settling with chilly breezes giving way to an enthralling night. Everyone present In the College Was either rushing or staring at the Huge central Hall where in a few moment their last College party The Most awaited ‘New beginning’ Prom Night was going to commence. Unaware or all the chaos Ellen was sitting in the porch as far away from the crowd as possible with remorseful face as if everything is the life was lost. Once in a while when people passed her she forced a Smile on her face and gently Hinted them to stay away. The  visions of 2 year log relationship still fazed in front of her eyes. Was there any Love ever? Or it was a mere infatuation of young minds? Doesn’t mater how much she tried to make herself believe the latter theory her heart always stuck with the former.

“ Ladieeeeeees And Gentlemen “ announced a deep and excited voice “ We Are about begin with the Long Awaited night “
“ I Cant hear You “ ‘ than after a Loud round of cheering’ “ That’s How I like it”
“Here we Go “
“Hit it Bango! in gangsta style”

And The caravan of Song and dance began at full throttle

“Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans)
Boots with the fur (with the fur……
Next thing you know
Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low….”
“Now I’ve had the time of my life
No I never felt like this before
Yes I swear it’s the truth
and I owe it all to you
‘Cause I’ve had the time of my life
and I owe it all to you”

Song after song the night was rising high on tides. And sitting outside in the porch Ellen was shivering now the night was colder than she had anticipated. But all this could not deter her from antagonizing herself with the pain of lost love. ‘There is nothing worse than looking at the world enjoying happily with yourself having a broke heart’. Every changing song was unknowingly pinching her. Had everything been fine Jake and herself would have been the life of the party dancing like mad cows. Again! Jake. ‘No I won’t think about him’. ‘He is not worth it’.  And she forced herself back to the cold self One that was never going to accept jakes apologies the one for whom Jake was past and dead.

“Hi Guys” said someone. ‘My ears must be banging‘thought Ellen.
“Well I am not here to dedicate any song to anyone. Nor I am here to give a speech on how I love this college. I am here to apologize. Apologize to one and all, to each soul on this earth who ever unfortunately loved me.” Said Jake.

‘Ohh! No he still thinks adventurously apologizing in front of everyone will do. He as done these things in past and I have accepted his apologies but what did they turn out into? No I won’t! Not this time’ declared Ellen to herself.

“ Ellen I Know you are listening to every single word that I am saying.  And you have decided that you are not going to give it another chance no matter what. But darling please come in the hall” Announced Jake. Ohh he knew her so damn well.

‘ I am not going there anyways’ once again Ellen declared to herself.

“I know you will not come, and rightly so. I have been such an asshole for treating you the way that I have. I don’t deserve even a pitiful glance from you for never giving any heed to your desires when you were always paying you earnest attention to my vague ideas. All I wish for is a Slap”

“ SLAP!!!” roared the crowd in disbelief and amusement.

‘SLAP’ has he gone mad? Ohh yeah I will happily give him one. And with this Strong feeling of Slapping Jake she fiercely rose form the bench in the porch and advanced towards the Main hall.

Meanwhile Jake was feeling relieved for all that he has said. He knew the only way he could forgive himself for being the way he was if Ellen could punish him for his deeds someway. Ellen was in the hall finally all the eyes turned from Jake to Ellen what was supposed to be a Prom night has suddenly turned into a mysterious encounter of 2 old cronies turned foes. Ellen with Rage flashing in her eyes moved towards Jake and in an Extent His cheeks were warmed by a furious touch of her gentle palms, Followed by a loud cracking sound.


He knew this would relieve him of his self guilt but he never thought that it would hurt so much. She really did slap him and slapped really hard. A flood of tears were rolling down her eyes. ’ I guess I should be weeping for being hit so hard. What in the world is wrong with gals.’

“ How easy it is for you for taking the stage and accept that You are an asshole”  said Ellen in choking voice battling tears and a breakdown of emotion. ‘Ohh No please Ellen not now, not in front of all these people I beg you’ thought Jake but couldn’t say.

“You get slapped and people think that you deserved it. And you too think that you deserved it and now you feel all light again. Isn’t it? “

“ But what about me?” “ What should I do for making myself feel light” said Ellen her eyes were closed with tears not knowing what was going around. Not Caring who all were staring at her. She had it, Emotional Breakdown.

“ You have always  been selfish Jake. Even today even today you thought about how to get yourself out of this misery of hurting me. Did you ever thought how to make me happy? How to get me out of this misery? I bet no, You  didn’t.” clutching her eyes every word she said was pinching her heart like hell. In blurred images that she could rarely decipher she saw Jake getting closer. But nothing mattered.

“ You think that apologizing everything in front of people will make it all fine. Yeah it will but only for you. What about me ? I will still cry in empty rooms thinking about the old days grudging about why I fell in love  with you.”

“ Ha! Like you will understand any of this no you won’t, You never can its because you don’t love anyone but yourself “Said Ellen feeling the weight of every word bouncing back on her.

“ Shhhh” came a voice in her ears

“ $%%^$^&”  ‘ What as it ‘ She thought. ‘It can’t be. He never can’t ‘ She thought.

Opening her eyes she saw big eyes penetrating right through her soul but warming it like no other eyes ever can. Jake was at a hairs distance from her. His warm breath was fresh on her face. He bends forward and in hushed voice murmured in her ears.  She felt a chilled sensation in her left hand as if a Steel sword had sliced her finger into two.   
“Will You marry me?  “ Asked Jake in a hushed Voice in her ears.

Ellen was queerly traumatized in utter disbelief.’ This couldn’t be. She threw a Glance at her left hand where a few seconds ago she felt a still sword slicing her fingers.    There a platinum ring fixed with a small diamond shining in sheer brilliance was this really happening? 

In an Instant She felt herself being pulled? His Hands were around her waist. And in moments her face was again warm with heavy breaths and Their lips locked she was blank of what was happening but she had a feeling that it was good when she came back to her senses she realized that life was about to change. He has finally taken up the commitment but wow she never expected him proposing for marriage straight away. This left her clueless for what to say? And about the crowd that had their eyes fixed on the 2 silly creatures in the mid of hall. Ahh well they never mattered for all that was happening was beyond words to describe.

Even to this day 15 years after their marriage and three children in the backyard the memories of that day are unfazed and still bring tears of happiness in her eyes and a chilling sensation in her body.This is how they loved.

“ Its about giving it a try
And keeping faith through thick and thin.
If ever there was true love
it will triumph all the odds in the end”

…And they lived happily ever after.
Mayank Rajput
24th April 2010

13 thoughts on “And They Part Their Ways… III

  1. Ok I dont know how you do it! You've never been in love and you've never experienced any of this.. yet you write so honestly about it? It just touched my heart =) And I bet it touched everyone's hearts here.. Some of the emotions were so deeply described.. Noone could have done it better =) You still need to heavily work on your grammar.. Read and edit your work after you write it dodo.. Nevertheless! Keep it up mayu 😀 !! >:D< Loved it ! =)

  2. Hey thanks a lot guys your appreciation inspires me to write more and more 😀 Chunnu thanks for the elaborate comment i love reading lengthy comments 😛

  3. @ prerna Thanks a ton :)actually i find it easy to write tragic stuff but this was supposed to be a happy ending one as readers anted me to write something happy.and happy endings are always predictable :Pwell this gave me another idea an unpredictable happy ending 😀

  4. nice work bro I was feeling as if iam reading a novel of a famous n renowned writer It is damn good mann……………nice jobkeep it up!!!!!!!

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