The Toys of Cold War

Many of you might have already read Iliad by Homer, one of the greatest Epic of all time. The more I try to decipher it, the more I get determined in my belief that the War of Troy was not just a war between the rulers of Troy and Agamemnon and his fellows. It was not just the grudge for a lost wife or the wrath for the loss of a brother. It was something more than this. Something behind the veils, it was a war of Gods to prove their superiority over each other. Be it Venus’s conspiracy to fuel the war or Minerva’s partiality towards her beloved son.

All the things said the above paragraph may sound far fetched or illogical to you but associating the mythical saga to current age of super powers that we live in you will perhaps get a better idea and the real intention behind the first paragraph of this article.

Who is God? He is the Almighty whose will is supreme. Every God has his following minion gods with a certain level of influence generally less than that of the almighty God. However, under the course of time, the minion god’s influence over mankind increases and then these minion gods start placing their bets for the position of the Almighty God. And thus begins the Clash of Titans AKA the War of Gods. Now being god makes you a public figure and you can’t simply come all out and display animosity. Hence what they do is they fuel a war amongst their followers and cold war among themselves. And the followers of gods who fight (Unknowingly of the intentions of their deities) are called the TOYS OF COLD-WAR.

My rather unconventional way of putting things may deem myself a nut head in your eyes but I will like to make it a bit easier now. Let’s try to understand all these things in modern context.

Mid 90s there were 2 gods in this world, preachers of 2 religions namely Capitalism and Socialism and Gods being USA and USSR. These gods gained enormous following. Capitalism which was a quick fire way to progress attracted progressive economies and Socialism which boasted economical equality was adhered by the low risk and equality oriented economies.

But the most common problem of the divine world arises, who was supreme the patron of capitalism, USA or the forerunner of Socialism, USSR? To prove their superiority the gods took up the easy way of showing a miracle to fascinate people

• Sending Citizens to space (Unseen kingdom)
• Nukes
• Wonders of developed world
• Unseen luxuries

And many more but One did and the other followed and vice versa this display was leading nowhere and hence no consensus on superiority could be reached. And then the Gods shifted to the final resort: Using their TOYS OF WAR, their followers to display the superiority over the others and hence began the unforgettable Cold war Era.

• Cuban Civil war
o Civilians backed by USA
o The dictator Backed by USSR

Winner of the battle USSR

• Angolan Civil War
o Civilians backed by USA
o Government Backed by USSR

Winner USA

• Korea Issue

• Afghanistan Civil War: This time god himself jumped into the war and supported the minion from the back and was eventually successful in splitting and breaching the defence of USSR and thus finally resulting in the fragmentation of USSR. And hence ended the First Cold war that mankind witnessed with GOD USA coming out victorious.

PS: These days a few minions (India and China) have risen again and both have gained good enough fellowship. However they have not reached the pedestal of GOD but are certainly heading in that direction. And this has caught the eye of God, who as the history suggests, won’t let this happen easily. This seems like the beginning of another COLD WAR and who knows who will be the TOY OF COLD WAR. This time, it seems like Taiwan and Pakistan has both booked this position and many more seem to follow.

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15 thoughts on “The Toys of Cold War

  1. Awesome blog, Munnu!! The topic was really interesting and I loved the way you gave references and compared The mighty people of today with Ancient Gods.Amazing piece from someone who loves to write only love stories.. :PKeep it up… Love,Bunnu.. 🙂 <3<3

  2. Thanks a lot Bunnu :Dand i dont only love to write love stories i love writing in general thinking for a plot for a thriller ay be will write soon

  3. The analogy doesn't fit quite well, although i saw a very different perspective in ur article.Moreover, the two Gods you referred to never really had any followers, they used their military and economic might and their hunger for resources to get people into NATO or Warsaw Pact.

  4. well both of them did have followers America with a strong European base and Russia with a strong asian and east european the time of india's independence the world had only to ways of economies and thus the entire world was divided into 2 camps the capitalists and the socialists it was when we adopted mixed economy and lead the reamining third world countries into the mixed economy scheme that's when the world got a new way a mid way between the 2 camps

  5. Congo bro awesome blog 🙂 .I agree with your views but i still have doubts 😛 it maybe the war of Gods in past but now i think its the war of priests n v (s)elect those ppl n is communism equal to athesism ??

  6. Hey shri well communism and Socialism are pretty much similar but are not the same thing both have some differencesSocialism is basically an economy like capitalism and Communism is more of a way of governance like socialism its everyone should get what they deserve or according to the amount and quality of work.where as in communism they believe in complete equality no racism, no economic bias etcbut the problem is suppose i am doing lot of work and you are doing nothing still they will want both of us to be equal that is both getting same salaries and same facilities.Socialism can co exist with democracy as in India but communism can not they believe in wiping out all the previous structures.

  7. You gotta charming way of penning down! I just loved it….Although I wasnt aware of Iliad but still it was interesting….Answers for comment on my BLOG..The to pics are of SID and one it me… Thanks!

  8. Well Abhi looking at the major part of this article Capitalism and socialism do suit better. But than considering India may be god as well some day specifying socialism and capitalism as god will make it more specific where as keeping it as any rising power makes it more general it could be brazil china russia india anyone.

  9. I would appreciate your perception rather the way you have portrayed your perception.I've been trying to complete Sir. W.H.D.Rouse's translation of the Homer's Iliad for months now. But the perusal of the book is taking a lot of time.The way you have resorted to an interpretation as above is commendable. But you haven't accentuated more on the way these fights are fought. I would love to contribute at a later stage.

  10. thanks a lot man for the replythe problem with going into the details of wars was it would lead to verbosity. and you can use google for more info on wars this was just to give a brief idea and i know that later stage is never going to come

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