7 Things you dont know about me

 This is a part of a mission initiated by Unknown :P, but passed on

to me by my friend

1.)I READ MINDS : well it’s an innate habit of mine. I read people’s minds knowingly or unknowingly. I analyze their words their sentences their responses I analyze almost everything. Moreover, with time can predict the person responses and their opinions as well.
2) I Am a Flirt Who you can put in Gentleman’s category: Well I am soft-spoken, respectful, and caring so as a habit, I behave that way with almost every girl.  Many girls think that I behave that way only with them but I am the same with most of them. Not talking about my besties I love them and I have many gals who I consider my besties bunnu , tannu, srish, neelam lately api and all my sisters.( When I call someone my sister I value it and I mean it)
3) I am a movie Maniac:   Well this is something many of my friends know but considering you a general reader, I think it is my responsibility to state this as well. On an average, I watch 5 movies every week And most of them classics and critically acclaimed. I am proud of this hobby of mine.
4) I am a Naruto and One Piece Pankha:  well if you are not aware these are 2 animes , and I can go to any lengths to convince you that they are classics. Thanks to me ( :P) Naruto and onepiece have got many dedicated viewers and fans. Hails Naruto, Hails Luffy.
5)  I Have a habit of throwing away:  To be more precise there are things that I want I work an dedicate my energies to achieve them but just when I am about to achieve them I get bored of them and I leave them. Its like I attract them and when I am about to get them I throw them away.
6) I am a Bad Son:  I love my family but not the way most of you do.  I mean I try to love them I respect them a lot for what all they have done for me and they still do. Though my life is quite a bit restricted (thanks to my disciplinarian dad)  but I know its for my own good. Its just I feel like a slumping share in whom the share holders have invested a lot and are still investing in a hope that someday it will give returns but the share keeps on slumping never providing any returns.
7) I blasted our kitchen when I was a kid:  Well when I was a kid probably 10 -12, I had this passion to become a scientist and I had habit of analyzing everything I can lay my hands on. And the only analysis I knew was Crush, Burn and Dip in Acid. So one day I got this shining stone ( I mean it was really shiny and translucent ). I wanted to check what it was so crushed it tried to burn and than I put it in a plastic bottle filled the bottle with acid( acid were common thing in Indian homes those days) and left it in the kitchen ( actually I forgot that I left it in kitchen).  After some 20 – 30 minutes we heard a blast in the kitchen when we went their we saw all the walls stained with some yellow fluid.  And acid spread in the kitchen ( it wasn’t concentrated). I got a beating but I was happy I thought I invented something :D.
8) Bonus point:  I AM EXTREMELY LUCKY GUY->  I have had many close shaves with life.  As kid once I ate DDT luckily dad saw me and hit my back so hard that I vomited it all out instantly. Than playing on bed I hit my eye on the edge and nearly got blind, I still have that  Harry potter like scar above my right eye (thanks to stiches). Than one I had such bad influenza that the doctor said had it been an hour later I would have been dead. Than I get my left eye bruised near blind once again and another scar at my left eye. Now I have glasses guarding my eyes ( Ha!). Countless road accidents and never got even a bruise or a dent I might now be able to hide.
There is so much that I felt like writing, well may be sometime else 
There is so much that I felt like writing, well may be sometime else
And as for me I pass the baton to 

10 thoughts on “7 Things you dont know about me

  1. lol, I had expected the baton to come my way.. :DYou blew up your Kitchen??!! Great!! Way to go!! Me very proud of you.. :DI think, I kinda knew all the other points already.. :DDude, you blew up your kitchen!!! >:D<Love,Bunnu ❤

  2. @ Bunnu you are probably the only one and chuunu as well who knows this much about me :Pand yeah i enjoyed blasting the kitchen aswell :Pin fact once had a blast on terrace as well

  3. @ Dr Shraddha : You were also a flirst ( i mean the gentleman kind)? Wow have grown up means? i am grown up or you are a grown up or something else?

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