The Trail Of The Twelve Signs : The Theory

Chapter 1: The Theory
THE NEXT MORNING, the sky was overcast; the air was cool and was subtly flowing through the fort. Manas and Vivek were standing at one edge of the fort anxiously looking towards the pathway, the only entrance to the ancient, ruined stable.
“And you said he is the perfect Fire guy. He hasn’t even bothered to show up on time,” groaned Vivek.
“Well there are still few minutes left to 6. He’ll come, I know it.” Said Manas completely unconcerned, looking at his watch.
“How can you be so sure that he is trustworthy and that he won’t leak the secret?” asked Vivek.
“Well I have known him for almost a year and I know how much he hates this country because of its orthodox people and chaotic society. I have told him that this is the only way he can possibly leave this country. It’s like I trust his hatred for this country more than I trust him, believe me you too will, once you meet him”
In a few moments, a brooding type of guy with broad shoulders and an athletic build appeared at the end of the stable. A remorseful aloofness was writ all over his face.
“Ahh, there he is! Sharp at 6, as punctual as ever.” exclaimed Manas as Pralay joined the party.
“Well, power failure at 4 ‘O’ clock in the morning is better than any alarm in this world to make sure that you can’t sleep by just pushing a snooze button. Andif in case you are lazy and stoic enough not be waken just by the killing heat, the mosquitos are there to take care of it in that case. I simply don’t get it. How do people live in this hell?”Pralay fumed early in the morning. Vivek could almost feel the temperature rising. Manas looked at Vivek, grinning.
“I think he is the right guy for fire type,” said Vivek.
“What do you mean by ‘The right guy for fire type’? “asked Pralay completely puzzled and unaware.
“Well I guess I will explain the theory briefly to you guys, “Said Manas
“It may take sometime for you guys to completely digest it, so keep your ears open and let your imagination loose. I am not going to repeat this, so please pay attention.” Said Manas and made a dramatic pause to heighten the curiosity.
“As you already know, all the planets and stars in the universe have their gravitational pull and other properties.At any given moment all these celestial elements are at a particular distance from earth. Moreover, their alignment with respect to each other and planet Earth is unique. All these factors affect our planet and its creatures in someway or another. For example, the Moon affects the tides, the Sun affect the winds, Jupiter the meteors and cosmic rays etc. And as our body is also made of same basic elements as the Earth, we are also affected by these configurations. Before we are born, that is when our soul is about to enter this world, our body is affected by this planetary configuration and we develop an affinity towards a particular element -Water, Wind, Fire or Earth, depending upon the dominant influence. The ancient scholars studied this phenomenon in great detail and classified the planetary position in 12 time zones, each corresponding to a particular kind of planetary configuration. The children born in these time zones were classified under various degrees of planeterial influence, the 12 Zodiac signs. Most of the ancient literatures of various cultures like Hindu, Egyptian, Babylonian and many others all have these 12 variants. Some signs are strongly influenced and are called fixed signs and some adaptive signs with multiple influences called mutable signs and some forcing and outwardly directed signs called cardinal signs.These signs shows affinity towards one of the four core elements Air, water, earth or fire. Thus there 3 signs with three levels of influence per element.
In other words one fixed sign, one cardinal sign and one mutable sign per element, “Said Manas and took a break before continuing with the theory.
“So far so good” said Vivek in honest appreciation.
“Sounds logical to me, but come to the point” Said Pralay in aloof tone
“Well the point is that if a person has an affinity towards a particular element, he should be able to affect that element as well. In addition, the effect will depend on the influence and kind of influence. A fixed sign corresponding to power, a cardinal sign corresponding to guidance and a mutable sign corresponding to adaptation. Now how does the Sun and the Moon control air and water respectively? Well it is under a particular period when they are concentrated on the element that their effect is at its maximum. Thus if we wish to affect these elements we will also have to concentrate our energies on that particular element and take advantage of our innate affinity towards that particular element.” Said Manas with a finishing tone, Vivek nodded in understanding.
“And why should I believe this is practically possible?” asked Pralay in rather straightforward and impudent tone.
“I knew you would ask this” said Manas mincing peppermint powder at his forehead.
Next moment he flashed his hand, palm outwards (again the open pawed punching stance) facing Pralay’s face and a gush of wind blew Pralay backwards.
“WOW! It was strong this time” Exclaimed Vivek as last time it only blew his hair this time an entire healthy teen, that too as rigid and audacious as Pralay!
“How the hell did you do that? “ Asked Pralay in utter disbelief for the first time
“Well that’s what we are here for, to learn manipulating our influential elements.” Manas said exuding the authority of a master.
“ Well My sun sign  is Aquarius which is a fixed sign and fixed signs are responsible for Force and power and that is precisely why I was able to blow you away a few minutes ago”  said Manas pointing towards Pralay.
“Vivek is a Virgo and that is a mutable Earth Sign which means he can manipulate the element Earth. And since his is a mutable sign he can also create a bonding between his sign and other signs like Earth and Air, Earth and fire and earth and water.” Said Manas looking at Vivek.
“And Pralay yours is Aries, a Cardinal Fire sign, which means Control. So is you can control the shape and direction of your element” said Manas
“The thing is that we can all create powerful elemental manipulations. Mine is focused on Power, Vivek’s focused on Elemental combinations and Pralay yours is focused on Shape Manipulation.” Said Manas “That’s if my theory is correct”.
”So as per your elements, I have designed some exercises that will help you guys, however right now all you need to do is mince this peppermint at the center of your forehead” said Manas showing some powered mint in his hand.
After giving them both some mint powder, Manas went and brought a cricket stump, a match box and a candle from inside one of the cabins in the ruined stable. He dug the stump in the ground and placed a pebble on top of it. Next he placed the candle in a shaded area and lit it with the help of match sticks.
“So for Vivek you have to concentrate as hard as you can and make this pebble fall and as for you Pralay, you just have put this flame off. As simple as that get rolling, guys and yeah one more thing, this is like teaching a kid the first alphabet. The real training starts after this.”
“Yeah we know it. This is as easy as stealing a lolly-pop from a 4 year old kid” said Pralay ruefully.
“I think you have never stolen a lolly-pop from anyone” Said Vivek, considering the seriousness and the difficulty of doing it for the first time.
And so the first whole week passed without any result. On the other hand Manas was unraveling many untold things.
… To be continued
Mayank Rajput

19 thoughts on “The Trail Of The Twelve Signs : The Theory

  1. Hmm well you can say it is a prologue but didn't write it with a view of writing a prologue and i hope it goes wellin this part the real Sci Fi factor begins

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