In a State of Moral Corruption

I have been going over this particular issue over and over in my mind. Every few days I get to read stuff like this in news paper and most of the time its coming from Delhi. A few days ago it was a rape case of a BPO employee near Dhaula Kuan (  a place which was the main junction to reach my test center for IIFT) and now I read about a teenage girl who was abducted and stripped of her dignity by a hoard of spiteful creatures.  All this, day after day, it blew the lid off my  rage WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH DELHI? To be precise the question should be What in the world has gone wrong with delhites?
With this question haunting my mind I decided to dig up the internet for as many facts as I could come up with and my own interpretations of those facts. They may be skewed for all I care but the point is THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Is this what we will pass on to our coming generations, An Ethically disgusting place to live?
 With every search I did I came up with more abominable facts and opinions. Here is what Wikipdia has to say about Delhi on its main page dedicated to Delhi

In 2005, Delhi accounted for the highest percentage (16.2%) of the crimes reported in the 35 cities in India with populations of one million or more.[100] The city also has the highest rate of crime against women (27.6 compared to national average rate of 14.1 per 100,000) and against children (6.5 compared to national average of 1.4 per 100,000) in the country.[101]

What a glossy picture we are throwing of our nation all across the world. I feel privileged living in this country of rich culture and tradition.  Here is more I am compiling as much of news as I can for you at one place as possible for me.  For you need to understand that everything is not right. Commonwealth game might have made every Delhite proud of delhi for pulling it off magnificently amid all the legendary scams but Life is not about games. Delhi, if it keeps on going like this will soon be uninhabitable, at least for the fair sex. Here is more…
Delhi is the national capital, but the law and order is not the best in the world. In fact it is abysmally poor, with day light murders and rapes a frequent occurrence. Recently two girls were walking along the road, when a car pulled up near them and one of the girls was pulled inside the car and it sped off. This too in broad daylight, when tens of commuters were around. The girl after repeated rape was left on the roadside. The silver lining was that she was not murdered.
Over the past couple of months Delhi, has been witnessing an average of one rape case almost everyday and experts have attributed the alarming trend to two major factors – a low conviction rate and lack of better and preventive policing.
Citing rape to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the county, they say it takes an enormous amount of time to bring to book the guilty.
According to police records, over 400 rape cases have been reported in the capital in the year 2010 alone.”
I think this must be giving you some chills but this is what happening in Delhi. But the question here is why is this happening ? After decades of monetary corruption now are we heading towards an Age of moral corruption? Strangely the answer to this question can be found on a Government site. The following excerpt has been taken from  CRIMES AGAINST WOMEN CELLS – THE DELHI POLICE EXPERIENCE.
“A steep decline is evident in the male female ratio in India over the last century. It has declined from 972 females for every 1000 males in 1901 to 927 per thousand in 1991. The northern states show even poorer ratios than the national average. Along with some other countries in South Asia, India must hold itself accountable for its missing women. From cradle to grave there is a systematic discrimination against women. Nutrition, health care, education are all withheld or provided grudgingly to daughters. Son preference is expressed in deep rooted cultural mores: blessings and rituals at a marriage, foods prescribed for pregnant women, condolences at the birth of a girl child.
Violent crimes against women are both a continuation of the systematic discrimination against women and its results. The violator feels his acts are socially sanctioned; the evidence is manifest in all that he has witnessed since childhood. Women must be kept in their place, else some great calamity may befall society.The falling sex ratio should be of grave concern to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. In simple terms who will the extra men find to marry, start a family with, or harass in a domestic relationship? Will it not lead to greater street crimes, more harassment of women in public places, more rape, and more violence in marriage as husbands strive to keep control of the increasingly rare commodity that they have managed to secure? “

The Declining Sex ratio, especially in the northern provinces of the country has got a very crucial implication on the crime scene in the national capital or should I say National Crime Capital( As many as 53,244 criminal cases, including 467 murders, 581 rapes, 1,764 dacoity and other heinous crimes, were registered in Delhi during the year). Now back to the most important issue the effect of Declining sex ratio on the crimes against women can be understood if look at certain facts.
Sex ratio in states sending majority of migrants to Delhi
Chandigarh (U.T.)
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
And finally
Delhi (U.T.)
Where the sex ratio of India stands at 933. 
This clearly suggests the huge disparity in the sex ratio in the national capital reason being most of the migrants that come from these states are Male labors or youngsters in search for employment. Which is one of the prime reason for skewed sex ratio in the National capital. These guys come from states where there are not enough to equate their numbers. For I can not belive that those of the educated class as most of the urban city citizens on india can be classified into would commit such heinous crimes.
Crime of this nature can only be committed by 2 catagories of people
·         Those who are immune from the law and order
·         Those who don’t know the law and order
As for the first category the Sons and daughter of corporate stalwarts with political influence and the ministers will count And as far as the second category is concerned these labors from the poorer states will count.
And as we all know both these species can be readily seen strolling through the roads of Delhi. No Wonder the crimes are soaring. But is this the only reason? Unfortunately not there is one more reason rather complex one 
It is the lax law enacted by the Morarji Desai Janta regime in 1977, which amended the law and made getting bail easier. Thus a rapist or murderer easily gets bails and the deterrent of time in jail is dispensed with. In addition the law and order in Delhi is a Central Government prerogative and the Delhi state government has no responsibility. This leads to a piquant situation and the sufferer is the law and order situation. Another aspect of the crime rate is the lax police approach. Many a time the police do not record FIR’s as they would like to keep their books regarding crime clean. In addition the western UP criminal tribes come to Delhi commit the crimes and head back. But these tribes usually take part in robbery and murder. But rape and sex related crimes are the handiwork of local boys. Some of them are the children of known politicians, who are shielded by their parents. An example is the case of Nitesh kataraia.This boy was murdered by the son of a well known politician, as the boy could not accept kataria’s love affair with his sister. The government of India which is responsible for the law and order of Delhi, must act before Delhi slithers further down the road of crime and anarchy.
But my friends these are not the biggest reason. The biggest reason for increasing crimes in delhi is the Sleepy citizens of delhi. There complacency. Their  cowardice. The sheer brilliance in forgetting everything. Their relentless pursuit of Ignorance.
Psychiatrist Samir Parikh blames the increasing number of rapes on the mentality of “getting away with anything.The rising number of cases suggest that the fear of consequence of action is on decline and the perception of ‘get away with anything’ is growing. Why is it that in Delhi young girls in buses don’t find any support when they are harassed?” he asks.
They say Ignorance is a bliss but not at the cost of dear ones my friends. How long do you plan to keep on sleeping. If 14 million resident of delhi will voice their concerns over rising crime will they still be unheard? If 14 million people of delhi decides to stand against crime can they be suppressed. Its common sense the answer is No. As United we stand.

For if it continues like this one day your sisters, wives, mothers wont be able to step out of their homes.  I may sound rhetoric but who cares? As long as my voice is heard and reaches the right ears I am a happy man I don’t live in delhi and if it stays like this I certainly don’t want too. But as an Indian I fear what is delhi today may be my city tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “In a State of Moral Corruption

  1. awesome man :Dyou hav really done a gr8wrk in collecting all the info 😉 I actually thought of Delhi as a safe place n always wanted to settle in Delhi or Mumbaibut seriously i never knew this face of delhi n considered it as one of the safest place to live thing I learned from this post is "Corruption of money is not the only corruption in the country and we have some other serious issues that has to be dealt immediately"

  2. this thing is 100% true and i can give you the first hand experience of living in delhithere are a hundered occasions when i have witnessed random guys, rich and educated and driving expensive cars lower their windows to woo passing girls most of who are teenagers. these girls just have to endure the rude hand gestures as there's nothing they can really do about it. shockingly this case happened at a crowded market and no one in the vicinity took any action to reprimand those guys.just as you said get away with anything is what delhi guys think it is. those policamen at patrol simply pretend that they did not notice any such thing. but even after this i cant say im not happy to be a delhite. being able to live in these conditions prepares me better for what lies ahead. or probably im a bit too optimistic ;)hoping for a better delhin hoping that you come to delhi soonawesome article!

  3. @ Mediocre Thanks Man :)@ Shree their are 2 sides for almost everything the parameters for which you picked delhi are mostly right and also you should not take or change decisions on mine or somebody elses opinions find out yourself if delhi meets your requirements and than take you decision And About Moral corruption man its the first and most prevalent form of corruption cause without moral corruption no other kind of corruption can exist.

  4. @ hiral what makes you proud of yourself and majority of delhites in my biggest concern You people endure it!and that is what encourages those filthy people to do those heinous acts again and again that is what assures them that they can get any with anything Now one person cannot be all rebel by himself but its the entire society that needs to wake people like these needs to be boycotted instead of given respect and admiration.You people need to speak up need to stand up to these atrocities.

  5. Mind blowing post man. I cant even imagine how much effort it must have taken to compile so much data. Hats/Caps everything[erm not everything ;)] off.. :)I was thinking of writing around the same line- crimes against women in general. Maybe will write in future. Take care.

  6. thanks Satwinder :)read your post on the life on an average Indian male and it brings up another very important issue 🙂 thanks for the appreciation will wait for your post and it wasn't lot of efforts man we engineers are good at searching stuff up quickly 😉

  7. This article made me sad and angry at the same time. I agree with your view that the people of Delhi need to stop ignoring n start acting. This is an issue that can be resolved only with the help of the citizens. Police will do what they can, but they are not omnipresent. You should really submit this article to a major newspaper, that way it will reach a larger audience..Here's to hoping for a changed India!

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