The Remarkable Year

The Remarkable Year
It’s a cliché- writing about resolution for next year and highlights of the passed year. Do you think I will write something banal? Well I just might. This has perhaps been the most remarkable year in my life in terms of lesson that it has taught me. I have learned a lot this year and mostly through failures. So as of now I will narrate my story for this year in terms of confessions and lessons.

The year started with a resolution that I will be more sensible and responsible this year, that I will finish the things that I start, that I will stick to my words, that I will be serious about stuff. Result- Failure, Lesson- No impractical resolutions anymore, Resolution for the coming year- I will stick to my words and for that I will be cautious with my words. I read somewhere the golden rule of professional success is ‘Under promise and over delivery’. Well I think this is something that is fairly accurate in the context of our daily life as well.
This year is supposed to be a defining year in my life as I am going to change my line this year from technical to administrative/managerial. And for that I have written a heck load of tests this year from mock to sectionals to real-time brain grilling tests(except XAT, the toughest one). Result- yet to be declared but the one that has been declared has been a failure. Lesson- It doesn’t matter how good you are at classes or at mocks or at sectionals if you can’t perform your best in these tests. Lesson- gotta learn how to be normal under pressure and will have to avoid putting myself under unnecessary pressure.

One more thing and one of the most important one is I learned that I am not really a genius. I had a notion that I am brilliant, I can do anything and over that I am better than anyone that I have met or will ever met except few( very few). But by the end of this year I happened to come in touch with people with godly intellect, Absolute genius. Result – well I guess this is an abstract one but still I would say the result is that I learned the reality. Lessons- Though there are people who have sharper logical ability or better quantitative ability or may be they know more words than I do or perhaps are better at grammar than I am. But does that make them superior or more importantly how does it bring me down? Well the thing is they have their strengths and I have mine. They have their dreams and I have mine, they have their ways and I have mine. Where any competition does comes in? A test? Well is life all about these tests? No.   But its good that I know that there are lot of people out there with a sharper brain than the one I have. Some with perhaps not as sharp an intellect but a higher capability to work hard and more dedication and as a result they are better than me as well in the overall result. So the point is I have gotta work hard and improve a lot.  

Now most importantly, for my preparations I took sort of a sabbatical from facebook and most forms of social networks barring PG. And in this period of abstinence I realized the value of friends and the strength they give. Its not that they help you out physically all the time or transfer funds into your account but they provide you the necessary encouragement and motivation. They help you in keeping it on, they stick by your side and provides you company in hard times. I love you fellas J there is a lot more that I want to say but its not hitting me right now nor are the thoughts coming in a structured way as they usually come. Thanks for keeping up with me.
Lastly I will specially like to thank a few special people in my life

My parents and brother( though it unlikely any of them will read this, they never had)
My sisters Saki Dee, hiral, ankita dee , feby
My brothers Addu , shree,akash, sumit bhai, nitin bhai sorry if I missed any one.
My Besties Chunnu, bunnu, mittal, gauti, Dj, tannu, Srish
Some other special friends this year
Neha,Satwinder, api, dip da, deba bhai, jeff broda,megz, tashu, Dr. Shraddha, Divyadeep, ruchi, sonam, anu, bhoomi, akash, sikki, addu, jt, Deepak actually a lot of people

Guess I am fairly good at socializing but I love you guys and you can mail me your greviences for missing your name in this post

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year

11 thoughts on “The Remarkable Year

  1. Very nice post dude. Nice to see you acknowledging that you have to work harder and do a lot of things. It doesnt matter if there are people who are better than you in Quant, English, Greek or Artificial Intelligence. What matters is how you follow your dream. :)All the best for XAT and other results. Happy New Year.. :cheers:

  2. thanks bhai for the wishes happy new year to you as well 🙂 may the year bring you a lot of calls :Dand the sooner we accept it the better it is for us (talking in general) 🙂

  3. As usual man…superb writingactually had some problem in understanding some words ;)But frankly saying you shouldn't have written my name in that special people section in the lastI didn't give you any kind of encouragement for your exams rather discouraged you at times and made you angry at one instanceIts nice of you that you included my name 😀 You have got a big heart brother!I hope you clear all of your tests(specially FMS)and i hope you will be able to stick to your words :DGood LuckHappy New Year once again!

  4. A very meaningful post :Dyeah even I have considered myself as brilliant many a times,I would say that when we compare a single aspect there is always someone who will be better than us but collectively we are the best person to fill our shoes.This may sound old but I believe in this "No one can play our part better than us" so we have our destiny and our own path towards it :)Have a great year 😀

  5. mela naam mela naam mela naam!err….sorry….not mature enough…got carried away…lol :Pawechum post…the self realization is very good…akash n shri's comments are totally true…i cnt think aything of my own right now so wil just say NYC ONE BRO! and wont waste anymore footage 😛

  6. woahhhh….1) m more dan juzz elated to c mah name…(obv wud thank yu tonnes for dat ) :D2) wen i started readin it ..initially i thot yu r so full-a yurslf…but den eventually i came to understand the theme underlyin it …..wonderful..3) kudos to yur success….i wish yu al luck in the future…im sure you r gonna do wonders…gud luck manky……nice read 🙂

  7. such a refreshing change from all the depressed thoughts that you usually portray..Loved reading it.. I'm sure most of us can relate to what you said here..Btw, I love you too.. :D~Prachi..

  8. simply awesome………bhai!after seeing my name in the list among besties made me SUPER ELATED….I don know about what impact marked by me……..but YOU are obviously among the persons who had made my days at gwalior cherishable……a friend like you is simply a blessing in disguise……..U ROCK BROTHER….best wishes for everything u do in ur life..

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