Irrational Pursuit of Rationality?

When was the last time you really felt happy? The last time you laughed till your stomach hurt? When was it that you felt deep emotions of attachment? Having hard time remembering such time? Well you are not alone. In our endless pursuit for reason and logic we human being are turning into emotionless individuals. The rational man today, even though surrounded by a lot of fellow mates, is the loneliest person. His reasons are his own and not everyone understands them. He knows what is right and what is wrong. He knows what has happened, what is happening and what may happen. But is his thought process is different, different from the masses, at least he thinks so. So where the emotional parts, the feelings , the bonds, the attachments In short the sense of humanity?
These are the most common problems faced by the ‘enlightened’ ones in our society. Whatever He sees, he sees the logic and science behind it. An apple falls from a tree not because it has ripened but because of gravity. He feels cold not because its winter but because our body temperature is higher than the surrounding temperature. He doesn’t deliberately think this way but his brain automatically looks for these aspects: Science and Logic. Is there something wrong with him? Is he so overly indulged into phenomenon that he has lost the essence of life: – emotions.  
Not necessarily so. A rational person is generally immune to rashness or loss of control. In other words a rational person is always in control. He is conscious. Conscious of his emotions, so much conscious that he can not even feel them, he is observing them. Its only when the magnitude of emotions is very high that his tight control and Shield of consciousness is broken. He Cries, he laughs, feels sad and Feels Happy. But he cannot enjoy the small moments of life. He is genuinely happy but he cannot feel it.  Is he compromising a lot by being conscious of his presence? Is he on an Irrational Pursuit of Rationality?

9 thoughts on “Irrational Pursuit of Rationality?

  1. And I guess I am one of those people who is not rational at all..I just live every moment, enjoy every relationship, learns something from every individual…It does bring hurt, sadness and so many other emotions at time..But thats what human beings are made of. right??..Emotions!! So I am not sure if everyone thinks rationally, because I don't. Nice post! made me think for a while..

  2. Awesome post as usual :Pbtw I'm one of the rational thinkers too :Pbut I was not like this a few years ago and after a deep analysis I found that I started this when the people around me acted differently and called me weird,it happened when the people around me where weirdos to me n I was a weirdo to them ,it happened when their point of view had huge difference from my point of view.

  3. This is something for which you are the best person to write.I say so because many times i feel that you are deliberately depriving yourself of emotions. Its not bad, helps you survive in the world today. But getting hurt, reviving from the pain and being happy again has a joy of its own.Hope you get what i sayAWESOME POST!keep writing 🙂

  4. heavy words won't do much to appreciate ur work rather i should say ur rational view towards rationality of ur pals just like u… one thing that i would like to add is…these people know in and outs of their feelings, they even know that that are nt enjoying the moments of life …… bt the thing isfor some there ishappiness in sorrow…pleasure in pain…they haverationality in irrationality…and and and as now u r a mature writter , RANDOM CRAP is no more CRAP

  5. Hmm perhaps you should learn something from this post of yours. If you don't mind then you are becoming quite insensitive and emotionless these days.You can survive in this world better than anyone else if you have such insensitivity towards emotions but you only wrote that a person cannot enjoy small moments of life. Don't mind if I said anything more. Perhaps all Aquareans are like that 😛 (From my experience) BTW Superb post. I think I should write superb on your blogs without reading them 😛 It has become my habit now 😛 I agree with DJ bro, Random crap is no more crap 😛 It was never also :PWay to go dear brotherRegardsAkash

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