To be Alive

I don’t have an idea about what it is that I want to write right now. The only thing I know is that I want to write.  It has been quite sometime now that I have been having this feeling of uneasiness. I have been pondering over it but so far it has been inconclusive. Probably I didn’t know the source of uneasiness. But rights now I feel very light as if have gained some secret knowledge. I feel Enlightened.
As person I have always believed that I am an effective communicator. But very recently I found out that when I feel that I must be very effective now, at this very moment. My affectivity falls down. I lose my spontaneity. I lose my mysticism. I lose the essential elements of my personality. So I thought a lot about what I should do. And in the process of doing so I guess I found more than what I set out to find.

Am I alive? For that matter what does living actually means? I think it means getting better and being aware of it. If at the end of the day you sleep wit a feeling of having achieved something, of having done something worth while. You are living. How do we know that we have accomplished something? In other words how do we know that we are living? First thing you need to answer yourself is what is your purpose in life? What do you want to gain? What path have you chosen? Having answered all these question just answer one more question and you will know if you have accomplished something or not. How many steps on that path did you traveled today?

Our existence is our state of mind.  It’s the consciousness of knowing a purpose and moving forward to fulfill it. Most of the time we don’t know what it is that we want to do. And this is true with a huge majority of people who think they know what they want to do? Do you feel alive doing the work that you think is what you want to do in your life? When you are working is your work the only thing that matters to you in those moments? How painful is the thought of not being allowed to do what you believe that you love to do?

Wondering why there are more question marks than full stops in this article? <-(Here it is one more) well because the answer for every one of us is different. Its like I am out to reach for mountains, their coldness, the mist of the early morning, the echo of falling water at a distant waterfall, the moistness of a heavy and chilled breeze bring to life everything it touch, the serenity and the silence. On the other hand your destination might the salty winds having its origin at the middle of an ocean, the fine crystals of sand at the sea shore preserving every step you take, the tides of time erasing the steps you took like bruises of past, the fire of sun meeting the water of ocean at a distant horizon, the depth and the sobriety. As our destination differs our purpose in life differs and so the path we take for it differs but what remains same is the essence of life. Moving forward, advancing, striding towards the destination.

Journey is more important than the destination! Well it is but when you know the right path and you are conscious of your decision. Every step you take towards the journey its by savoring the beauty of the path you have taken. You enjoy the journey because you know its right and in your consciousness and surety of the path you have taken is the art of living. 

16 thoughts on “To be Alive

  1. i totally agree with the above person.Totally written from the heart and really awesome .I just loved it.What is the purpose you have buddy and how did you know that this is the thing you were decided to be cut out for? Why not for anything else?

  2. Really inspiring maahn :DEveryone should do job as if they are spending their favorite past time :DRemarkable writing brother \m/Hoping for some more writing of this levelRegards Akki bro

  3. @ anonymous : thanks 🙂 and my purpose is stated in the introductory lines of this blog. and i know it because for the past 2 years it is the only thing i have consistently enjoyed doing. and every time any of my writing is praised i feel special :)why not anything else well i do plan to do other things as well if time and respurces permit me 🙂 but this is one thing i will do for sure 🙂

  4. nice one bro………..JOURNEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN DESTINATION……this is the most inspiring thought and I also believe the same way…'s the journey that is the exciting and adventurous…..destination is the bye product….the whole article is gud one to evoke introspection..

  5. gauti thanks bhai the essense of my post is both are eqaully important and if you dont know your destination you will not be able to enjoy ur journey cz you will always feel lost

  6. @ Shri man Destination is very important because if you dont know the destination you can never know the path and than you wont be able to travel all you will be able to do is Wander around

  7. My view of life is spiritualistic i work for my hearts content. i want to have an experience as long as i am living be it luxuries of life serenity of mountains pleasure of words i will do all the things i want to do in my life.

  8. hey mayank…..must say impressive writing……an this is ma frst read……the impression is everlasting ……the journey is more important cause ther's no destination…..think bout it…….hope to see sum real good writings in future……..

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