Who is Monk? Part II

3 hours passed, Madhav kept on shuffling files on his desk from one place to another, his mind was still occupied by the strange phone call. The Voice was so familiar still he couldn’t get who she was. The way she talked, he definitely knew her.

Tick! Tick! The wall clock was now showing 12:00, which meant it was lunch time.

“Madhav! Bro today is your treat” it was Shamit, one of those people in the office with whom Madhav could have some heavy philosophical conversations.

“Sure man lets go!” said Madhav, who was looking for an opportunity to get the thoughts of that phone call out of his mind.

They moved through a corridor surrounded by glass panes through which one could easily see a row of cubicles and here and there a group of 5-6 people having a laugh over a meal. Finally they reached a round table in the office canteen. Since the time Madhav and Shamit became friends they had been having their meals at that same table.

“Here have a look at it, I have got something for you, took me quite a while looking for it” said Shamit stretching his arm forward with a wrapped gift In it. Madhav took it and looked at it for a while trying to guess what was in it.

“Don’t hesitate open it, it’s all yours bro” chuckled Shamit.

Madhav gently tore the wrapping apart and saw some leather. “I remember you once told me that you have always wanted one of those diaries as in Harry potter: chamber of secrets, one with a leather cover and a thread around it to tie it up once you are done writing. Man it’s such a rarity I had to look into 3 different shops each of them miles away from the previous one. Finally got it, so how did you like it ?”

“It’s Awesome. I love it” Said Madhav and he really meant it, just that he couldn’t feel it, As always.

He Flipped through the pages, reached the last page and saw a sticker there “Monk Albert’.

“What is this Monk Albert sticker here? “ asked Madhav bewildered.

“Ahh it’s some tagging system they have in that shop. When anyone buys a diary he has to leave his pen name as a tag for someone else. But don’t worry I checked it it’s a removable sticker if you don’t like it. Any issue here?” Asked Shamit

“ No its absolutely fine” said Madhav who was not really there any more, the answer was just a reflex.


“ Wow that’s an awesome story bro!” said Ravi after reading a post on Madhav’s blog.

“ Thanks bro, well you know writing is my only passion in life. So it comes naturally” said Madhav with a faint smile.

“ ohh this is interesting ‘ –Naina—writes.. As always it’s a delight reading your posts. You write beautifully and straight from the heart. The emotions come out really well in your stories. It’s as if you are strongly feeling them when you are writing. All the best keep writing’
Bravo! Who is sh,e ass? you never told me. She seems to be completely flat on you”

“ Ohh wait what is this here ‘ –Monk Albert—writes.. Ohh that’s too generous of you J its just I love writing and hope to take it up as a career. When I write I get lost in it, totally. So maybe you are right, I feel it. In fact it’s probably the only way I can feel things Hope to see you again thanks for the comment.’ Great going Player ask her id and number too” said Ravi winking.

“ Dude she is only a follower of my blog , nothing’s on between us. And I have her id” said Madhav with a hint of smile barely visible.

“ Absolutely Mr. writer who am I to say anything?” said ravi “ just inform me when we have to celebrate” he chuckled finally and ran off the hostel room before Madhav could catch him.


This was 6 years ago when Madhav was in final year of his engineering. Monk Albert used to be his pen name.

“ Hey Snap out!” said Shamit looking at Madhav who was lost in thought.

“Ohh yeah so where were we, Sorry I just got lost in thought”

“Yeah that’s a great way to treat a friend who got you a much yearned thing” said Shamit in good humor.

“I am really sorry about it “

“Ahh it’s fine bro. I was just kidding. So what was it that has been bothering you” asked Shamit cassualy.

“Naah Nothing!” Said Madhav baffled beyond imagination. ‘What the hell has been going on today?’

3 thoughts on “Who is Monk? Part II

  1. Okay this is now starting to get personal :PI can identify the characters alreadyNicely writtenI wanna know where it goes so write the next part fast or…

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