May, I Find My Light

There is Glitz and glamour,
 there’s light, it’s bright
This is the coolest place, so they say

Where the bright minds unite
I am here, very much, an integral part
But I don’t belong here, I think
I get a good feeling at times,
But it never lasts
Everything is on surface, a Mirage, 
What seems is not
There is no water but sand
It is hollow and cold as ice
I, who has always dwelt among the dreamers,
Is facing brash reality of life
Where what’s close is important
What’s beyond is futile
Moulded as I am,
 I may not be able to change
To them they are right
To me I am completely sane
It’s the world that differ
And it always will
May, they find their path
May, I find my light.

5 thoughts on “May, I Find My Light

  1. Easily, your best poem so far. It eclipses the Heir to the cursed throne. Awesome one friend :)Best lines – I, who has always dwelt among the dreamers,Is facing brash reality of lifeWhere what’s close is importantWhat’s beyond is futilePure Gold!May you find your light :)Keep writingAkash 🙂

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