This is the link to a show called the Dewarists, the reason I am posting it here is it    goes in perfect synch with the intention I made this blog.

This one is an impromptu post, at the moment I am scared to shit. I am scared because I see so many possibilities and i see a possibility that I my have to settle for an ordinary life. I can’t tell you how afraid i am to think of myself living an ordinary life casting aside all the dreams I have seen. Why is it so difficult to put everything on the line? I pass by thinking that in a few years I will earn enough to take risks in life, will establish a system to keep my family afloat under any circumstances.
But will it really be enough? What if it’s not?

Just a while ago i had this idea of starting Art House India which i will help by gathering funds to support its activity. The purpose will be to bring together different kind of artists under one roof- writers, musicians, singers, photographers, actors and hopefully create documentaries, movies, music videos, shows capturing the spirit of art and our love for it. Will it work? Will I really be able to do it? My biggest strength in life has been my trust in myself. Why is it fumbling? I don’t know.

I have always walked alone but with a few fellow dreamers probably I am far away from them right now.  In the show I heard Emogen heap talking about putting everything she had on the line for her love of music. Why cant I do the same why are there so many social constraints?
I loved this quote and i believe in it

“Those who follow the crowd go as far as the crowd

Those who walk alone find themselves in places unexplored”

My heart is that of an explorer, my purpose in life is to keep on exploring new avenues, i feel bound, restrained, caged and I am fluttering. I want to break out. I want to run away. From the top of a mountain I want to see the rising sun, standing in the sands of the shore of an ocean I want to see the setting sun. Like a bird i want to feel the wind on my chest, like a tree leaf I want to feel the falling drops of rain. I want to feel and i can only feel when i am free and out there in the nature. Into the Wild.

3 thoughts on “Jeddojuhd

  1. This is one mission to strive for, how much more of pure art we can get is so tempting.

    Plus, nothing can buy the whole league of artists so no shit in the name of art.

    I have similar plans, kinda finding artists on twitter is my first step towards this. Must say I found few of pure talent.

    Hope someday your dream comes true brother : )

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