Point of inflection

I am about to break into a thousand pieces, each different from other, each comprising one aspect of my mind exclusive of other. I am about to break because there is too much tension between different aspects of my being. Though I like to believe I have a multi faceted personality and I am dynamic and all, but lately I have realized there is a central point of focus to all my actions, what it is? , I don’t know. This has left me vulnerable for now I know that I have a central point of failure if that core is somehow damaged and I am done.

These days I feel like I am being pulled out in every direction and at the same time I feel a lot of pressure sinking me into a point. I think I am facing an identity crisis. Life which has always been very simple to me is all of a sudden very complex. I hope there is a reason to all that is happening these days, More is happening in my head than is happening outside of it. I need to run away, find a place for myself away from this world, take a little break, get myself back together and then may be rejoin this mad frenzy.

There has to be a reason. There has to be a scheme. I Hope there is. So many β€˜I’s, wish I thought less.

5 thoughts on “Point of inflection

  1. There are multiple reasons I can relate to your situation.

    Most potent of them is that you are away from home and nothing else can provide THAT level of safety and belonging.
    Adding to it, Delhi. This place makes and breaks many a person.

    You do go into this mood oft. You will obviously come out of it soon.

    If you feel lost, look inside for your answers : )

    And I’m always there, ain’t I?

  2. Its very much like the concept of center of mass. It doesn’t matter how dynamic is the body or how versatile it is, it still depends on the center of mass when the body is subjected to real problems, isn’t it ?

    I hope the center of mass concept was made to avoid unnecessary problems while solving and chillax, your center of emotions will surely help you out of this identity crisis.

    The more you use number of I’s, make you more egoistic πŸ˜‰ Individualistic fella rock \m/ rock on bro \m/

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