This is the tale of a world where Gods and Men lived together. Men feared the Gods, for their wrath was terrible.
Gods, well they were oblivious to human existence as it had nothing significant to offer. Or so they thought.
Gods lived in the mountains, had abodes in the far sea. Men stayed away from these places, for they were divine. They inhabited the continent, instead.
And then, there was a boy. He lived on the continent, He and his friend, with the men. Nobody knew where they came from
The Boys were part of the society, They were outlaws, Urchin. Taking jobs, making little money for sustenance. Soon this was going to change
Their past was going to meddle with their present. They were going to venture into a place nobody dared tread. They were going to intrude Heaven.
A lot of things were going to become clear…
Were Gods truly immortal? Did the Gods even exist? Could the Boys become Gods? Was there more to it than met the eye?
Yes, there was more, a lot more. Much more than the boys could handle. They were now a part of saga that transcends human understanding.

This is a tail of
Friendship, Love, Courage, Wit, Destiny, Bonds.
Deceit, Betrayal, Illusions, Power,Lust and Ego.


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