The Lady and The Poet

There was a lady in the dark
Who sat with her harp
Her hair like Silver River
Her Eyes like stars

There was Poet on the Hill
Who wrote with a quill
His hair like Red Gold
His Eyes tranquil

The Fair Lady Sang
Her Harp pleasantly rang
Her words were magic
The world around sank.

The Poet caught the words
His mind came up with a verse
Started to hum along
Towards the voice he traversed

She heard a pleasant murmur
The source was not further
The music was blending well
Her heart wouldn’t quell

His eyes fell on her
And then the silver river
The harp was ever elegant
But it was the voice that he heard.

She looked at him for long
But was lost in the song
His words were from afar
But it was the soul that caught her

Their Eyes locked like that
The Lady and The poet
Their music never stopped
For eternity it goes in the forest.

5 thoughts on “The Lady and The Poet

  1. You should stop trying the its pretty absurd drama when you know its well written

    You should write more poetry xD
    This was good goood
    The lady was the river and poet trees(or an animal of sorts)
    And together they make the forest sing

    Thats what i figured but i am pretty absurd xD

    1. I Myself dont know what i intended with this poem 😛
      just went ahead with the flow
      the first 2 line came to me some how
      and i thought lets write more and then more lines came
      a few i added a few i modified
      and like that i ended up with this 😛

    1. He He Not a part of the book but yeah i was trying to write something like a ballad as in a few books
      not even 10% as good as those in lotr 😛
      man its really difficult to write them @_@”

  2. Hmm impressive, but I expected more from the plot 😉
    At first it seemed to be a ballad to me 😛
    Great work!

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