Of Myths, Rites and Legends

Who doesn’t find Myths fascinating, the tales of Gods, their Anger, their Journeys, The victory of good over evil? We like to read about the madness of Heracles and the twelve feats he had to accomplish to make amends Or the Wrath of Shiva when he opened his third eye. The tales are endless and so is our fascination for them. Human race has evolved into what it is today passing through various ages; Civilizations prospered and perished, all having their own religion, their own culture, their own Myths. But how does Myths came into being?

Ages ago, when science as we know it, was virtually nonexistent, the concept of Natural phenomenon and our lack of control over them must have been frightening. After all we all fear what we don’t understand. Imagine months of heavy rains and you don’t have any control over it and you don’t know why it’s raining so hard a particular part of the year? Today we know the answers to these questions, its elementary science. But to people of the old when no such reasoning was available, they found their answers in religion.

Religion told them that it rained because Indra Dev willed it. It told them that thunder strikes because Zeus or Thor was angry. You must pray to Poseidon for a safe voyage. Now when religion had created such fabulous characters with supernatural powers, it was only natural that they must have their stories, their villains. The more question people asked, the more myths sprouted to answer those questions. Where do we go after we die? To heaven or hell depending upon the karma accumulated. Hades governs the underworld. Sun is actually Apollo, the god of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, plague, music, poetry, Ares the god of war, Aphrodite the goddess of love. Somewhere down the lines originated rites as well. After all if god were really powerful, we may stand a chance of pleasing them to help us by offering them our prayers, good wishes, or even earth possessions. It was believed that our prayers and offerings gave strength to gods who in turn may bless us or use the strength in their battles against evil which will have a profound impact on the realm of man. All these myths and rites solved one basic function; they gave us some sense of control over things that were earlier completely out of our hand. They made the world seem less frightening, After all who wants to live in a world where we have no control over anything?

P.S.: not all myths were fictional stories; some myths do have their roots in real incidents that got aberrated and exaggerated over the years and now sound just as fictional.

6 thoughts on “Of Myths, Rites and Legends

  1. This is very real..Just a few days ago, I was telling someone how stories get exaggerated and become fictional.. For example: Take Gandhiji..Now everyone knos hes the father of nation and that he launched an individual satyagraha against the british..
    But a few years later, people may come to the point of considering him god and worshipping him.
    Something which happened to Sai Baba.. :-/ He was a mere human, I believe.
    But the existence and morals preached in the Bhagavad Gita will always remain a mystery to me…..
    Good post 🙂
    -Rahul A.K

    1. Thanks Rahul
      and about Sai Baba he never said himself to be God, his deeds made him
      though he was always more of a Guru or a Saint
      thats why we call him Baba 🙂
      Gita is an incredible accomplishment.

    1. Haha not really
      but yeah i can understand the connect 🙂
      i used to play the game once
      though this one is more inspired from the Book i am reading these days and my own thoughts that resonated very well with the book 😀

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