Unlike most other sports movie you would have seen. Yes this movie is not about patriotism, neither about a struggling sports person or a broke manager. Yeah there is a weak team involved but this movie is about business, about tactics, about diplomacy (stunning at times!). Baseball is in the backdrop and you might have a few troubles understanding the movie if you don’t know the rules but none the less you will still find this movie interesting.

The plot is simple, like life really is. It’s about a Billy Beane, Manager of Oakland A which is a team that produce good players and then lose them to teams with deeper pockets, Business in its crudest form. If you have money you call the shots. Billy goes on about his duty to trade players and happens to meat Pete. An economics grad from Yale working in sports management. Then the movie takes in interesting turn and billy and Pete go on reforming the team based on strange concepts. As usual they face a lot of thrashing from the media. Then there is internal politics. Bonus is an interesting family angle. One great thing about this movie is things never seem over the top.

Direction is great it gives a real life feel at times. The fields don’t look overly grand. The sets don’t look out of the world. Everything about this movie is simple but for the concept that Billy and Pete implement. There are some emotional bits at times then there is hard core business the next moment. The characters aren’t perfect they make mistakes, they lose control, they are not hero’s they are men who have no choice but to act.

Cinematography and music are great, specially the bit between Billy and his daughter, the build up scenes.  The flashback is pretty good. The movie is not really artistic its simple and it means business. The ending may make you feel that Billy was a fool but it may also make you feel he was a rebel or he had something in mind that nobody could understand.


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