Star Trek : Into the Darkness || Movie Review

So I am planning to revive the movie reviews section with this great movie called Star Trek : Into the Darkness. I went to watch the movie with some expectations; I was expecting it to be good but not really great. However what I watched was a great piece of cinema. This movie scores on various front be it directions, cinematography, CGI/VFX, background score, Plot.

Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek Into the Darkness Poster
Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek Into the Darkness Poster

Let’s start with plot first, the first half of the movie runs two parallel plots, one for the antagonist and one for the protagonist, both are done fairly well, the first half is more of a build up and hence some might find it a little slow. The twists have been placed brilliantly, especially in the second half the climax, the anti climax and then another one to top it. For a Sci Fi franchisee movie this was definitely a winner.

The Direction was top notch, Spock’s dialogues, Benedict was phenomenal as the antagonist, Alice Eve made her mark in the limited presence that she had in the movie, Pines was good too,Simon Pegg was great as scotty. Some of action scenes are excellent in direction and implementation, the gate crash scene, Spock chasing the villain,  A space ship crashing in the city, and many more. What were unexpected were some really good emotional scenes in the movie, especially those involving Spock.

The movie paid homage to the original star trek series at various point and used great back ground scores, though over all the scores were pretty average.  This movie is tightly packed, with first half being slightly boring but the second half is a straight 10/10. Enjoy the movie, have a great weekend 🙂

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