Days of Reminiscence

Please read the Part 1 for this Story here The Tales of Prince Darrius

Act 2

It took a few minutes for Darrius to regain his senses but his mind was still cluttered by the events of the day. One moment everything was almost perfect, Weather was great, city was happy, his Father was proud of him and he was about to become the king of The Seven Holy Cities. Now ominous clouds covered the sky, city was in chaos, his Father was no more, and His kingdom seems to be in a catastrophe. His Father, the person he always looked upto, One who gave him birth, One showed him the path to wisdom, one who was his guardian angel, one who was invincible, Darrius could not, even in his most dreadful nightmares think of anything that could stand against his father, That Father was dead, Killed by a single arrow through his heart. It was a cruel joke fate had played on him but he had to think, he had to act, he had to get out of this situation and make things right. He had to ensure the safety of everyone that is what his father; King Amarynth the Third would want him to do. That is what he would do.

He got back onto his feet, put his breastplate rest of the minimal armour in order, sheathed his sword and hung it by his left hip. He approached the city again and stood by the edge of the forest where the Energy Field used to be. He threw a stone at it and it went through the energy field. This raised his hopes next he unsheathed his sword and tried to push it through the field. As soon as his sword touched the new purplish field that had replaced the earlier field, he felt a strong shock and his hand jolted backward flinging the sword off his hand into the trunk of the nearest tree, where it struck. Darrius felt as if his heart had just stopped, he tried to keep himself awake but he had no strength left to do so, his eyes just couldn’t keep up, and soon everything was dark, he had no control over his body, he lay there unconscious.
Night had begun to creep in, and light mist had started to settle in the forest, when Darrius opened his eyes again. His mind was in a daze, he was getting flashes of images from his mind while staring at reality. To differentiate between past, present and future was becoming a daunting task for Darrius. Unable to focus on anything he tried to search with hands to grab hold of something, to gain some stability, to gain some sense out of all the madness that had just transpired. Finally getting hold of a loose branch and with a lot of effort he managed to pull himself up.

He glanced back at Amarynthos,  Far in the distance, at the place where moments ago he was to be crowned as king, where moments ago an arrow pierced his father’s heart but what he saw was something quite different. He saw Amarynthos of his childhood, the gaurds at the gate looked much younger, the gates looked as if they were painted only yesterday, oh wait, the gates were opening. Soon the king and the queen emerged out of the gates riding their steads, they looked much younger too, they had lesser wrinkles on their face and around their eyes, following the king and queen were two young boys on their steads, the younger one must have been around 8 while the older one around 12. The older one looked very familiar, It was Darrius himself. How could that be! At that moment the two young boys riding their steads shared a joke and chuckled trying to conceal their laughter from their parents. Who was this other young boy, Darrius could not recollect any such incident from his memory. He rubbed his eyes and the visions disappeared what lay before was a city in chaos Amarynthos covered in a purple haze.

Things didn’t make any sense, Darrius’  mind was on the verge of explosion, a few minutes ago everything was fine and now he had lost everything and what with these strange visions all of a sudden. He stood there for moment, he knew he couldn’t go back, which made things easier for him, he could only go in one direction, the direction in which the smoke cloud had first appeared. That smoke cloud was his only cue to this whole mystery.

He gathered his strength and started to walk toward the smoke cloud, wading through  the bushes, overlarge roots, but still every now and then he saw flashes of memories. One moment he was trying to jump over a fallen tree, next he was a 12 year old boy riding a horse, following his parents with a younger boy on his side…

“Brother, I bet this trip is going to be really boring, I wonder why Father always drags us along on his royal tours” said the boy. Next he heard his own younger voice replying “Ha-ha get used to it little brother, we are going to be kings some day and we should know what the responsibilities of a king are, also people like to see young princes riding a pony” he smiled “ but I agree this trip is going to be really boring”.

The two voices kept chatting in Darrius’ head, cracking jokes, riding their steeds, casually talking to the king and queen every once in a while. Darrius was in a state of daze, travelling between past and present, one moment he was a carefree young prince, next he was 17 years old who has just lost everything in life.

Soon the two young kids, riding pony were at the huge doors of a kingdom surrounded by snow capped peaks. The doors opened and a wise looking king with his stately wife and two daughters one of whom must have been the same age as Darrius and the younger one some 6 year old, greeted them into the kingdom. The two kings hugged each other like old friend and went on to introduce their families. “Arthur, this is my elder son Darrius, Darrius this is uncle Arthur, my dearest friend and king of the city of Foresight” said the king of Amarynthos. He went on to intodruce his wife Camellia and little Audric, Darrius’ younger brother.

“Hello Darrius we have heard a lot about you, the young prince of Amarynthos, a child prodigy, I have heard you can fight evenly with Knights twice your age and have finished all the books in royal library, well then you are the right place, our knights are finest and our library the biggest in the seven holy cities. I hope you will enjoy your stay here, all said I would like to introduce you to my wife Esmeralda and my daughters the elder one Arriane, and the younger one Lissana” said the king of Foresight.

Beads of sweat were all over Darrius head, what were these vision, he couldn’t remember any of them ever happen in reality, but yet they felt so real as if they were part of his natural memory. And Arriane! How was she there in these visions? And a younger brother?

Darrius continued to wade his way through the forest, troubled by the visions he had just seen, worried that he will see more, he could see more flashes now, his younger self dining with whole of his family, including his younger brother and King of foresights family, with Arriane sitting right opposite him, then she was alone with Arriane when she took him through her room, showing him the painting she had made, some really weird paintings. Next moment the two princes and the young princesses were riding their ponies through the apple orchards of city of Foresight.

Now they were in a garden in the middle of the Orchard “ I can climb this tree before you could count to 10 brother” said young Audric. “ You know that is not sufficient to beat me, Audric, you will have to do it in 4 seconds” replied Darrius. “ Stop showing off in front of a kid” scoffed Arriane as she movied forward lunged at the nearest branch of the tree, in smooth movement swung herself at the upper branch and in a arching movement reached the top branch of the tree in less than 4 seconds. “ I think I will teach him to surpass you while you both are staying here” said Arriane from the top of tree and then smoothly made her way down from between the branches. Darrius motioned her to a little distance from the tree, when they were far enough from Lisana and Audric, “You know, it’s by challenging him, that i help him become better and stronger. Now he will never take up my challenges”  said Darrius a little disappointed by Arriane’s method. “well you could teach him the techniques so that he could learn faster” replied Arriane in disapproval of his methods. “ I do, but I like to make him think that he figured it out himself, increase his confidence and improves his on the spot thinking” replied Darrius. suddenly they heard Lisanna shriek, soon Audric was shouting in horror too, they turned and saw the two kids surrounded by people on armoured horses body covered in hood. At that very moment Arriane shouted ‘ Wraiths!’

4 thoughts on “Days of Reminiscence

  1. Prince Darrius is a bit like Rhaegar I guess. Awesome storyline. Your way of depicting day to day conversations is brilliant. But please try to finish the next part soon. It was difficult to recapitulate. I am already imaginig the manga drawings 😉

    1. Well in a way if you see both of them as really talented guys but the overall personalities will differ 🙂 as the story progresses

      hehe yeah bro I will try to write the next part sooner 🙂

  2. This is brilliant work. You have created an entirely different and quite believable world that is so interesting. Nostalgia, mystery, suspense, anticipation and all other elements are extremely predominant in this tale. Your writing is so beautiful and royally mellow. It is clearly evident that you enjoy writing this tale.

    My only complaint is and I think I am the only one facing this problem but the font and the background of the blog is somewhat noxious to my eyes. I seem to lose track of where I am and what I am reading.

    Waiting for the next part! I will beat you with a better story. You just wait. Muhuhahahaha

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