The Race that will never end…

You just can’t be bad, you have to be good
When you are good, you could always be better
When you are better, you must strive to be the best
When you are the best, you must follow as the rest.

There was a horse; he wished to be the fastest
He wished to run across the whole world
Through mountains and valleys, lakes, rivers and Seas
But he ran his life in Derby, along with the ‘Rest’

It’s a race and we are all running
Without any inclination of the finish line
For this race never ends
It has been here for ages and it will go on forever

The Race that never ends

What if I don’t want to participate?
Then you will be left behind
Because everybody else is running
What do you do? What does the horse do?

May be let’s just run and forget about winning

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