This Night Will Never End

Dream Of The Endless Sandman
Dream of the Endless

I call to you this night,
Come and take my hand
Through the vast spaces
That separate us
I am waiting at the bend

I strain to hear your voice
Through the silence that’s so loud
A little trickle or a gentle breeze
In the hope
That someday I will be found

I stare into the mist
And see you emerge from haze
My heart skipped a few beats
But I guess
I am coming out of daze

Your eyes are shining diamond
And body is draped in moonlight
Like the night fell your hair
It seems that
Heavens have heard my plight

Come look into my eyes
And gently hold my hand
Let me show you stars
Let’s walk through the sand

For this night will never end…

Sandman Nada Nyx Night

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