Random Rant

This past one year things have not really gone my way. Most of it can easily be attributed to my own mistakes. Be it realtionships, study, placements or professional life. I kind of took things for granted, didnt put in enough efforts, was careless, was directionless.

The problem is I am still not very clear about my out. First of all I need to change my habits, I need to stop living like a prince. I need to learn value of things, people, my freinds, family parents. Need to take care of my own self too. May be start gymming, get a proper sleep cycle, stop skipping meals and most importanly control my expenses.

May be I need a positive influence in my life, but then again can somebody really influence me?  When have I ever really listened anyone? No I am a good listner but not when someone tells me how to live my life. Its not out of rebellion or disrespect, its kind of just the way I am. Or may be I dont want to get out of my comfort zone.

Am I really going with the flow? Or I am on a path to destruction?

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