As I Look Ahead

I stand here at the edge of a cliff and I see spread out in front of me a world that is going to be mine. Far away, well beyond the horizon I can see a mountain range, tallest that there ever was. the peak at its center is tallest among all its other fairly … More As I Look Ahead

The Last Three Years of My Life || Version 2 Disclaimer : This post is unedited and written without keeping a form in mind, so might feel really haphazard. I will carry on from the previous post, and wow when I reread it I realized the coincidence didn’t stop there. They still pretty much are a part of my life and shaping my destiny … More The Last Three Years of My Life || Version 2

Morbid Wanderer

In this vastness as dark as night I walk without a clue Who knows where the lake is? My guess is as good as your fluke Treading through the emptiness I don’t know where I am headed But wherever that place be? I am sure it must be dreaded Alas! Its fate and I am … More Morbid Wanderer