As I Look Ahead

Turbulent Thoights
Monk Avant Garde

I stand here at the edge of a cliff and I see spread out in front of me a world that is going to be mine. Far away, well beyond the horizon I can see a mountain range, tallest that there ever was. the peak at its center is tallest among all its other fairly tall mountains. It’s snowcapped and as the sun shines behind it, it looks like a huge lump of diamond. These mountains are separated from the vast green meadow by a deepest and calmest ocean; there are flocks of seagull flying above it flying towards me flying over the spacious green meadows, flying through lumps of clouds that look golden in the pure bright sunlight of the morning. The fly above the valley of flowers, across the rivers the irrigate them and then merge into the deepest calmest ocean; they are flying into a green forest of the most beautiful trees.

This all lies ahead of me and its all there for me to explore and conquer and cultivate. 2014 is going to be a big year, both at a personal level and at a professional level, I am going to give wings to one of my most cherished dream, I am going to invest time and money in myself and get closer to be the man that I want to be. 2014 in many ways might define the direction in which my life is going to move in the future. I am going to take a lot of risks both in personal life as well as professional life. Well its one life we got and I am young, If don’t fight for the things I want now, then I wonder If I will ever have the chance again.

Sometimes I feel that there is a lot of weight on my shoulders, I get told that I am overly serious or I am not having fun in life. Well I think I disagree, I am having fun doing the things I like doing, and I have a war to win, once I do that, I will lay down the armor will have more fun than anyone else but till that happens someone is going to have stand at the frontline and  take charge of things. I am going to try and explore my emotional side too, I will try spend more time with family, the thought their time with us is limited and they are not going to be here forever sometime sends shivers down my spine.

I have been told that I am too nice to people, too nice for my own good, well I can’t change it, it’s a part of my personality but maybe I will try to be a little arrogant this year, though I doubt I will enjoy that. As a last thing I would like to say thanks to every single person who touched my life this year, you have all taught me many valuable lessons, and you have all had an impact on my life. I hope I had some impact on your lives too.

This year I am going all out, let’s see what happens, the vast universe spread out in front of me is anyways not going to be conquered in an year, let’s just hope I am able to cover good distance.

On a long road that never ends.

Towards the mighty peaks afar.

Through the rolling hills.

Aside the lake shores.

I wish to keep driving.

PS: A very happy new year everyone 🙂

2 thoughts on “As I Look Ahead

  1. When i started reading it, first few lines reminded me of Howard Roark , fountainheads’s first page, first chapter!

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