Monk Avant Garde’s Rhapsody

Oh dear work

I have been doing you for so long

From so many different angles

And still you aren’t satisfied?

Well, fuck you!

I am not gonna do you any more

I will let you be somebody else’s whore

This time around I am gonna have fun

I am gonna jump all over the sun

This time I will be a fool in love

I will go around playing football with my heart

This time around I am gonna be an ass

Doing things I please, sending others for a toss

I will try to be jerk as well

Changing my words in the things I tell

Ohh well there are a lot of things that I’ll do

They might be hard but I wont call them work

Because, Work, Fuck You!

I will call them game or whatever I Please

For they are truly fun and make me wanna win

This year I am gonna be a dude

I will beef up and shit and may be learn flute

I will travel the world and have crazy time

I will woo the hottie, I want so much

And make her mine by magician’s touch

I will conquer the world and be the king

I will do muay thai in the boxing ring

Monsieur, I will speak in flawless French

And Play the piano on a black elegant bench

I write poetry that will blow your mind

And songs for the lady to woo her kind

I will even write a huge novel

And a manga and an Anime and a Sorcerer’s spell

I will make my throne at the highest peak

Will keep a seat for you come sit beside me

And we shall make love, under the falling snow

And the year shall pass and the feast shall end

Next year we will travel to elven land

We will meet drwaves and shinigamis

Have tea at maid café and eat salami

Life is going to be a grand adventure

Hop onto my ride and henceforth we venture!


4 thoughts on “Monk Avant Garde’s Rhapsody

  1. I tried matching it to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody for some reason.. 😛

    Yes, you blew my mind with your poetry, and I agree with you. Fuck work. :-/

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