If Only I Could Fly

Caged like a bird
I sit in this cabin
Looking at the world
From a window

If only I could
Just jump outside
And fly the sky
With my dreamy eyes

But here I am
In this dungeon
Bound to be persecuted
Spiritless and broken

Like a lunatic
With starry eyes
I frantically look at
The moon glazed night

For a moment I feel
I just might rise
And touch the moon
As I leap and I sigh

Out there in the world
Are wonders dispersed?
Each more amazing than other,
How will I know If I just sit here?

Rivers that gleam, mountains so high
Desserts so vast, valleys so nigh
Forests so dense, cities with light
Lakes so still, Meadows that are plied

I could just smell
Or simply touch it all
Or see it with my eyes
Or just hear it all

But then again I am sitting in this room
Looking at the ceiling
Thinking of the night
If only, If only, If Only, I could fly…

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