To my very special friend

The quintessential recluse that I am
A very few people would know
To me for some reason you two have always been
The brightest beacon of hope

Mansi you are a dear friend
Very special to me you are
When I was down and broken and totally confounded
You had been a guiding light

Jatin, I wish knew you more
But as much I know your heart is really pure
You are pillar of strength and a statue of virtue
I wish your path henceforth will be much more pleasurable

To both of you, this goes out to you
May your life be an endless adventure,
Full of moments that you would want to capture
May it be the most special life
And we will always be friends
I wish to you see you guys always smiling, casually fighting
From my own Joey’s room

Be Blessed guys 😀

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