Patience, My Friend

Through the eye of storm I see,
Emotions swirl around me
A modicum of peace and tinge of despair
Boundless anxiety and a faint apparition of fear
As I dive down into the storm
I am brushed by indistinguishable forms
The Bluish hue is solitude, my only truest friend
In violet is desire, that sly tempterous fiend
As I wade through this pool
And I meet my fellow thoughts
Confusion is the first to come and yep he is sloshed
Next I meet curiosity and she is an interesting fellow
Then I passed down gaiety who was totally dressed in yellow
What I really seek is love but I don’t know how she looks
Very few have seen her but they are hard to find too
As I moved ahead patience came to me
Draped in white from neck to toe, he seemed really pleased
“How Are you my friend? I see you have made it here.
Your journey from here on, is certain to be queer.
What you seek is improbable, at best a rare chance
But if I will be on your side, then fate may change its stance”
With those words patience, wrapped his hand around me
And guided me through haziness, into forest full of trees
“dear friend in this forest, all the trees look same
But one of them is different, and that is your best stake
The challenge is to find it, and find it before the sunset
And you can I am certain, just remember you cannot rest”
With that I entered the forest, and for a millennia I roamed
And the sun would never set, because patience was my friend
Then I reached an opening and at the center was this tree
For most part it looked the same, but somehow it looked free
As I started to walk towards it, the distance wouldn’t fall
Just then the tree winked at me and that was my final call
I tried and tried and pushed really hard but nothing seemed to work
I thought hard and all the emotions rushed past me
Solitude in blue, gaiety in yellow, Confusion and despair said hello
Curiosity seemed equally stumped, Anxiety was down in dumps
And that moment I realized where is my friend patience
With that trigger he came to me and things fell in silence
I stood still, where I was, in that great clearing
And looked at the tree as it walked to me, opening its bearings
“My Friend your quest is clear, you have found your love
But remember the lesson you have learned, and always hold it dear
You will have all you want and more than you need
All you need to have is your friend patience in steed”

2 thoughts on “Patience, My Friend


    Seriously 😛
    Very well expressed, I thought of Vikram Seth seeing the rhyming style
    Aw brother, everything you write drips of your weirdness 😛

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