And I Spit The Venom Out

Dear cigarette please burn slowly
I don’t want you to end tonight
From the cloud of smoke we procreate
I am seeing this starlit night
As light dance and play with the surface of the lake
I make yet another puff
I look at the moon; it’s under the clutches of clouds
Luminating them from inside
And I take another drag and spit the venom out
Slouched at this stone, I am the last man standing
Not a single soul in sight
And the burning embers come close to my fingers
But I lit another light.
Then I walked and walked and walked
Through desolate but beautiful lanes
In the middle of nowhere, I take a drag
And spit the venom out.
Oh, dear tree, you are a loner too
And you have lost all your leaves
But still you stand tall, a magnificent figure
Watching the lights play with water.
Oh No! Another one comes to end
And I still am not satisfied
So I burned another light.
Which is it, Seventh or eighth?
I guess that it is seventh
Oh and what a number it is, as it stands for sins
And I am a sinner tonight
And I burned another light.
I lust for sex, greed for wealth
And envy those who have found love
I pride myself and glutton and rage
And I sloth in this frozen hell
I must close and close and close this chapter
Close it through a cloud of smoke
As my last cigarette comes to end
Dear tree we have met again
I take a drag, stub it unto you
And the spit the venom out
Through the mist that rose
The chapter is closed
And the moon is free from the clutches of cloud
Yet again, I spit the venom out.

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