The last call

They both stood there as if there was nobody else, nothing else apart from them that existed in the world. He cupped her little face in his hands; her cheeks flushed red, her eyes on the verge of tears. His eyes on the other hand looking intently into her eyes, his deep black eyes full of conviction.

‘Hey’ he said

‘Listen to me’ it was a command, a pleasant one.

‘look into my eyes’

‘As long as I am here, everything will be alright.’

‘I will not let even a shadow of grief fall upon you’

‘I promise’

With that he gently mulled her eyes, wiping her tears off. He kissed her on both her eyes and then her forehead. He hugged her, it was the purest, warmest and most lovable hug. And then he kissed her on her lips holding on to the upper lip a little longer.

That was the last time he saw her. Next day he left for USA for an onsite assignment by the company. It was six months after that day, that she called him and asked him to come back to India immediately. When he asked why, she would not tell the reason. He tried hard, he tried calling her friends, her family, but no one knew where she was.

He could not come back in time, he never heard from her again.

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