A Letter to myself


I don’t generally like giving advice to people, unless they ask me. But I am getting this urge to write this down, so I am doing it.

I have come to realize some basic things in life, yeah they are pretty much your fortune cookie stuff but hey! Once you really think about them, they do make a lot of sense. So here I begin

  1. You cannot love others until you love yourself
  2. Carpe Diem – Seize the day! In the words of great master Oogway “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a Gift, that ‘s why we call it Present”
  3. True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another. Yeah a cheesy line taken from the movie Wedding crashers.
  4. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body ( I guess we were all taught this when we were kids)


The way I see it to be truly and completely happy and successful there are a few things a man/woman must absolutely do

Be in top shape

Yes, work out, go for long walks, get a diet, and make yourself look like your best self, make yourself fit for the dresses you have always wanted to wear, read books, sharpen your mind it’s also a part of your body. In the nutshell be your perfect self, invest time in yourself.


Figure out your Fears

You are afraid of heights? Or Water? Or stage fright? Or you are afraid of talking people you find attractive? (I got you there, didn’t I?)  Figure out your fear? And now ask yourself, is that fear reasonable? Does it in anyway negatively affect your personality or your life? If the answer is yes , then you have got to overcome it.
Go take a bungee, or river water rafting, or join the debate club or theater, or just try talking to attractive people, you will fail that’s the worst that can happen, keep trying till you succeed. And yeah be smart about it.

Get A Hobby

Everyone likes something, the more things you like the better, just learn about them more, explore them, and try your hand at them. One of the best things that could happen to you in your life is making a career in a thing that you like doing


Read a lot and it doesn’t matter who you are and if you like reading or not. Read , Read good books, read the books that you think you  might like, but read. If you managed to read this article this far, then you certainly are capable of reading. So read. Reading build character, it gives perspectives, it’s the cheapest way to travel, you can explore places just by reading about them. Reading can make you feel things that you thought you couldn’t feel.


Yes, this might be a little difficult for some of you, but find time and travel. Travel light and with few people, explore places, travel solo if you can. Travelling makes you realize how big the world is. How small your problems are. Travel opens your mind, it takes you to new cultures, new people, their problems their joys, travel always reveals secrets of life to you.



Love your family, they have done more for you then you have done for them (in most of the cases) and they deserve your time and attention. Make that call to your mom you have been postponing for eternity. The thing about human life is that its fragile, the people you love are here today but they are not going to be there forever. And the regret that you couldn’t say to them how much you loved them, that you could not tell you mom she looked pretty in that red sari or that you couldn’t tell your dad that how much you appreciate what he has done for the family. Trust me you don’t want to live with these regrets, take your brother out for a game or your sister for shopping, go meet your friends over a beer. And if you are lucky enough take the love of your life out for a movie or a dinner and tell her how much you love her.


Be Ambitious, Be Optimistic, Dream like a child, Dream the impossible, and plan you will achieve it, have a B plan, C plan…  start taking small steps toward it, some day you will make it and you will look back at your life and Damn! It will be worth it!

Make a Bucket list and tick it off!

Carpe Fucking Diem!

Do Epic Shit!

Monk ( When he was 24 years old and found the nick name Monk to be really cool)

2 thoughts on “A Letter to myself

  1. Forgive me, but seriously? At 24, you have thought through so many things! 😀

    And given what a small naughty kid you look like, I have to say, I am super-impressed! 😀

    Good on you, Monk! 🙂

    KSP 🙂

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