The God – Exordium

In the strangeness of the night, as light shone on the gravels on the street, till the street fade away into darkness; He walked at an amble pace as if wading through ocean waves with cold wind hitting his face. This place always washed him with a tide of emotions. Small, ancient looking houses on either side, reminding one of pre-independence era. Their owners it seemed decided and signed pact millennia ago, that these houses were not to be renovated ever. He didn’t live there, He knew nobody there, but he was born there, born to be what he was today.
The street which had these ancient ramshackle houses on both side lead up to a dead end at a mansion, right in the middle of the street, A three story building, the tallest in the vicinity, with a huge garden and a pathway leading from the main gate to the front door of the mansion all the while splitting the garden into two equal halves.
He was brought here as a kid and was locked in the mansion for 15 years. He was only given books to read, books on science, philosophy, literature, technology, pretty much every topic under the sky. His food during the day was contaminated with poison and his food at night was infused with the equivalent antidote. The concentration kept on increasing over the years. He would be given strange equipment to play around with, sometime electronics, sometime mechanical, guns, bullets, empty shell of bombs, explosives without triggers, chemicals etc, these were his toys. Every time they will release sleeping gas in his room and by the time he will wake up all his toys will be gone.
Once every month a tall man wearing a mask would come and teach him about the outside world, and business tycoons and Diplomats, and Kings and Prime Ministers, and Gods. He will always end his discourse with the following words ‘I am a God, You shall be one someday’
Slowly the effect of sleeping gas on him started to wear off early and he made his first attempt at freedom. He killed the guard who came to collect his toys by snapping his neck. But by the time he came out of the dark corridor in the basement and reached the foot of stairs that lead upwards, he felt the sting of a dart in his neck and fell face forward. When he woke up, he was tied to his bed and the Tall man with the mask was sitting next to him. “Oh! My dear son Alas! You are just a kid, the path to be a God is a path of suffering and pain, if only you understood. You must persevere child, like Christ or Moses or Rama or Prophet. Remember, I am God, You shall be one someday”
They increased the concentration of sleeping gas in his room, but he had learned a lesson, even when his body started to gain immunity against the gas, he continued to fake that he was being affected. He tortured his body with anaesthetic darts, he made using the chemicals he got, till his body became immune to them. Ran around the basement room to gain speed and agility, trained his muscles for super human strength and reflexes and stamina and endurance. He build small undetectable weapons, electronic, mechanical, bombs and so on. And most of all, he taught himself, that he was God. He did this for 10 years.
Then one fine day when the masked man was to come again for his discourse on the outer world, He decided that it was going be his day of freedom. He killed everyone in the mansion with his bare hands, he had become so fast and strong and stealthy that he didn’t even need anything apart from his hands to kill them. He went to main hall of the mansion and seated himself on the central chair, much like the throne of a king and waited for the masked man to arrive. He waited for three days, the masked man never came. When he couldn’t hunger at all, he stepped outside, and let the scenery overwhelm him, wash over him. Small ramshackle houses, cold wind, a single street lamp, its light shone on the gravels on the street, till the street fade away into darkness.
He killed everyone there in the village, surprisingly those ramshackle houses had more than 100 people living inside them. It didn’t take him more than 15 minutes to kill every single one of them. As soon as he killed the first person, they all attacked him in a herd, that was a mistake because he was loaded with undetectable explosives, soon there were blasts and electrical discharges, people died in dozens at a time, those that were smart and didn’t attack him with the herd, He killed them with his bare hands. This village was a no law zone, it was refuge for, rapists, abductors, smugglers and murderers. This village was destined to be judged, and today was its judgement day, for The God was born.


2 thoughts on “The God – Exordium

  1. You should have forced me to read this why did i not read this before i missed out on so much omg you write so well now :’)

    Honestly, short stories are your thing

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