Poor Arthur

This story was written as a part of a group activity, it was written in a hurry so please don’t judge me 😛 The topic was to explore Abnormal Psychological Conditions. I chose to write on Avoidant Personality Disorder. Act I explores the person’s childhood, Act II Explores when they are young and Act III explores, them trying to reconcile themselves or somebody helping them do it.


She was tired and hungry, she wished she was dead. She had been tied up on that bed for about a week now, lying there in her own filth, she had lost all sense of time. Well it didn’t matter anyway. He will be back any moment and her ordeal will begin.

The gate opened with a clank and the silhouette of tall lanky man with stooped shoulders walked in.

“Hello Rachel, How are you?”He asked in his feeble and empathetic voice, for tormenter he always sounded like someone who was in torment himself.

“Please let me go!” she begged, tears flooding down her eyes

“What! You want to leave me too?” he shouted both his hands on his head as if trying to calm himself down he paced to and fro near the door.

“Nobody loves me! They all leave me! Jane, before you, before her, little Mary, one day I came back and she would just lie there with her eyes closed, right there in the same bed as you, she just wouldn’t talk to me! That bitch! I burned her to cinders. Yes I did! You better never stop talking to me Rachel! Not you too!”

“It always happens to me, when I was in school nobody would talk to me, I will put things in there bags, dead frogs and birds, it took so much effort to find them. But they would just beat me up calling me a freak” he muffled a few sobs

“ My mom, she once told me she would take me to a new friend, I was really happy you know! I didn’t have any friends. But you know what she did! She left me at an asylum! They tied me up, put needles in me. I hated them! But Oh I remember” he said happiness returning him, calming him down, “There was a nurse, she was nice to me, and maybe she was my friend. I will bring her here, In  your place”

She had been listening to him rant for days now, she was tired her eyes were beginning to shut, her time was near, her replacement had been found.


Yvonne was getting ready for her job, she had been working at St. John’s Asylum for 30 years now, she didn’t like the job, what they did to their patients, little children, but hey! It paid the bills.

Ting! Tong! – the bell ranged

As Yvonne opened the door, she saw a tall lanky man with stooped shoulders, he was smiling, rather tried to smile, Shy guy, she thought.

“Well hello ma’am, I am Arthur, We met a long time ago at St. John’s. I had a few things to discuss with you, Can we sit somewhere?”

“Tell me what it is about?” Said Yvonne standing at the door, no way was she gonna let a stranger enter her house

“Oh, I see” as he said that his eyebrows narrowed and his face twitched, he clearly didn’t seem to like it.

“See miss Yvonne, I was brought to St. John’s as a kid, you were one of the few people who were nice to me. I thought we were friends”, said Arthur, gritting his teeth and looking away avoiding eye contact.

“Of Course, We are!” Said Yvonne, for one thing she always felt pity for the patients.

“We are!” He asked, visibly delighted. “You know who I am? You do?”

Yvonne was perplexed, she might have known him, but it has been years, and she has had so many patients she couldn’t recollect all of them instantly.

“You don’t right!” said Arthur, angered, he seemed to have read through Yvonne’s confusion.

“You are a Liar!” he shouted “Just like my mother!”

He was sweating and shivering, before Yvonne could move she was struck with a taser.


Yvonne lay there on bed, she had been tied to it for three days now. She has been trying to jog through her memory, through every single patient she had ever served. Arthur! Arthur! Which one was Arthur! Damn it!

And she remembered-

“Your mother left you at St. John’s about 15 years ago. Oh poor Arthur” she said to the silhouette of the tall lanky man, with stooped shoulders.

“What a cruel thing to do to a child! It must have been so hard on you!”

“Oh yes it was, It was hell. I lived alone for years, people called me freak, unless I completely stopped talking to them. I was invisible, I was there in front of them but they would never see me. I hate my mother! I killed her.”

Yvonne was shocked, was she going to die here too?

“But you are not alone anymore. I am here, I am your friend, I will take care of you”

“You are lying! Everybody lies, you will leave me too, they all do”

“I wouldn’t! I Promise! But if you don’t untie me, I am afraid I wouldn’t last much longer”

“I knew it! You are a liar too! See! You will leave me too!”

“I wouldn’t if you untie me! I will stay here forever, I will take care of you, like I did when you were a kid, remember?”

“You promise?”

“I promise”

He stood up and moved towards her, he slowly untied her and looked at her face. His eyes expectant, his face in a gentle smile, summoning all her strength, she punched him in his throat, right at the Adam’s apple. As he gagged for breath, she ran out of the room and locked it from outside, she reached for the nearest phone she could find and called the police. She heard shouts in the background


2 thoughts on “Poor Arthur

  1. This is so well written 🙂
    I especially loved the ending. You usually tend to be predictable while writing stories, but this one was different 😀
    Keep writing in a hurry 😛

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