Conversations : Affliction

They lay there, their bodies covered in sweat, with not a piece of cloth between them but a sheet of cotton beneath them and a quilt of velvet above them. He could feel her breast heave against his heart as it beat. She could feel the warmth of his breath as they stroked her silky hair while she lay with her head on his shoulder, both of them looking at the ceiling, in each other’s arms, in different thoughts.
She broke the silence.
“If someday, I were to go out with another man, showering my affection o him, would you stop me? Would you fight for me?” she asked in a slow almost dreamy voice.
“Hmm” he said as if coming out of a trance.
“I wouldn’t.”
“Why?” she was perplexed, she wanted a different answer, but she knew he wasn’t lying. Did she really want a different answer?
“Going out with another man, showering your affection on him, like coming out with me and loving me, is your choice. I wouldn’t interfere with that” he said, slowly but firmly.
“Don’t you love me?” she asked, she didn’t know what else to say, she couldn’t figure out what she felt, what she wanted to hear.
“But I do.” He said. She turned her head to look at him, his eyes were firm, they didn’t betray his words, they didn’t betray anything, deep down in those eyes, she saw sadness, an inexplicable pain, and a well concealed pain.
She wanted to hug him, hug him tightly with all the force in the world, but she didn’t, she was afraid, she couldn’t hurt him, she couldn’t hurt herself.
She looked away, got up, picked her clothes, as they were scattered around the bed, put them on one by one with utmost care, as if putting all her focus on dressing up would ease her mind, she got up, “I should be going now”, walked to the door, reached for the door knob.
“Before you leave” he called, his voices sounded a little different, it was the same, but yet there was something different, “Do you want me to fight for you? Keep you no matter what” he asked.
She turned and looked at him, her body firm, her hand still on the doorknob, her eyes looking into his eyes, his eyes boring into her soul. She felt a tear trickle down her eye; she turned opened the door, closed it behind her and left.
She couldn’t do it; she couldn’t do it to him.

4 thoughts on “Conversations : Affliction

  1. I don’t get the emotions behind this conversation. Why is this stupid woman talking about having sex with other men when she’s just finished dong that with this guy? I mean, I think that she’s protecting herself from future heartbreak but this is the most twisted way of going about it. You need to put a bit of a background there, Mayu.
    Writing is great, btw. A few typos, but I’m a grammar Nazi as always.
    I like it. You should totally continue.. ^_^

    1. Bunnu, she is kind of afflicted.
      She kind of lets have a history of giving in to temptations. Its kind of difficult to explain but she is kind of afraid of herself.

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