Why Interstellar will be a Defining movie in Human History?

[Link for trailer 3 is with Point 3]

I have been meaning to write this post for a very long time but procrastination got the best of me. I would like to state it upfront that I am a big fan of Nolan brothers and a self professed Physics nerd. And I believe that Interstellar might be the most defining work in science fiction since star trek and one of those movie that can potentially affect our civilization if gain cult status a few decades down the line. Yes that is how excited I am for the movie.


Now what makes this movie so special (apart from the fact that its a nolan movie with a stellar cast)

  1. It’s more than your average stereotypical apocalypse movie. Yes the world is in dire straits, humanity is on the brink of extinction but no the movie is not about that, and its very cleverly put in the tag line “Humanity was born on planet earth, its not supposed to die here” , i might have mixed my words there. But that is a very strong message. We humans are by nature explorers or else the world would still have been flat for us. This is a movie dedicated to one of the core human trait, Explore, and what could be more exciting than an intergalactic exploration. In the words of Buzz Lightyear “To Infinity and beyond”.
  2. It tackles some of the real problems, As can be observed from the movie trailer, the climatic condition on earth have become pretty much uninhabitable. One of my greatest fears is that even if I end up doing something great there will be no history books, no civilization after us, that would remember me. Unless of course we move to some other planet and resume our life there. See this trailer here
  3. It tackles some really complex theoretical physics. As has already been confirmed it based on the works and theories of reknowned physicist Kip Thorne (Michael Caine’s character if not Kip thorne then is most likely based on him). Wormhole is a concept that has been technically proven but practically unobserved, its like a shortcut in spacetime, near impossible to imagine under traditional circumstances. It’s like two ends of universe connected by a tube, that doesn’t really exist in the 3 dimensional plane, you can enter from either end of the tube and exit at the other and you will be in the tube but the tube isn’t there under traditional circumstance, Unless you can effectively imagine Dark matter, negative energy and things with negative mass. Also once you are in the tube time becomes warped for you, which can later cause some emotional distress. Check out trailer 3   
  4. Which brings me to the Emotional Complexity of this Movie, we can easily theorize based on the cast list of imdb that Cooper’s(Matthew) daughter young Murph(Macenzie Foy – watch out for this little star, she is phenomenal and probably the next big thing, previously seen in Conjuring and you might have also seen her in Twilight, Oh I am not judging you for watching twilight, maybe I am) grows up and is played by Jessica Chastain and probably would also grow up into an old women. So imagine Cooper returning from his trip and finding that his daughter is now older than him. Well that will be awkward, while at the same time completely plausible by theoretical physics.
  5. Spirit of Mankind, Now this is why I feel this is going to be a defining movie, it showcases human’s indomitable spirit, to venture into unexplored territories, Nolan’s cooper is the Sci Fi Colombus, he is the representative of all those great human beings who left their homes to find a more suitable place for their families to live, to start a new life. It’s a movie where we are trying to avert a life threatening situation so that we could buy ourselves some more time, but a movie that is looking for an actual long term solution. Something which all of us and our leaders need to learn. See the speech in the first teaser trailer
  6. The Team
    1. Nolan Brother’s – The writer director duo has given us some of the best and most intriguing films of our generation both visually and script wise.
    2. Matthew McConneghy – Running high on his string of great performances, his latest Oscar win and a new found fandom post his hit series True Detective, well there is a lot we can expect from him.
    3. Macenzie Foy- First I am not a paedophile, that said, this girl is pretty and talented. If you have seen the latest trailer you would totally understand my point I am sure.
    4. Anne Hathway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Topher Grace, Wes Bentley and many more. Well that is some heavy star cast for a movie
    5. Hans Zimmer: Seemingly the brief given to Hans Zimmer for the music of this movie is “Forget conventions, no heavy drums, Do something that has never been done before” not the exact words of course but yeah that is what the brief meant, and I can’t wait to see/listen what zimmer would do with such a brief
    6. Double Negative- The team that worked on Inception’s CGI, nuff said!

I could continue my rant for longer and I think I probably didn’t make any point at all in this rant. But still let me say it one more time, this is going to be the greatest thing in Science Fiction since Star Trek and very likely going down to become a Cult Film decades down the line, and nothing will make me happier than watching this same movie few years down the line on some other planet that we may inhabit. Kudos to Nolan!


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