Yours Truly!

I am A Monk Who would someday sell his Ferrari and then buy a Roll Royce, because I like Rolls Royce better ( I hope I spelled it right!)

I have a stable life, well paying job, friends who like to party, living in a big city and all that jazz. Do I like it? Well its suffocating, cause its kind of monotonous.

The Only adventures I have, are with a Pen ( A keyboard actually, but pen kind of sounds classy), or while sitting in a movie theater lost in a virtual world or while digging my nose into mammoth books (Novels, mostly fiction, that too fantasy) and immersed in a different universe.

So join me in the ride and my little adventures (waves hands and gives a beaming smile) I hope you will have just as much fun being here as I have while creating this place

May The Force Be With You!

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