A Love that burns slow

This is a reflection on married life, when people think of love think of passion, romance and other high intensity emotion.
After marriage loves mixes into your daily life, its still as strong and potent but it doesn’t assert itself so strongly instead it permeates slowly … More A Love that burns slow

Poor Arthur

This story was written as a part of a group activity, it was written in a hurry so please don’t judge me 😛 The topic was to explore Abnormal Psychological Conditions. I chose to write on Avoidant Personality Disorder. Act I explores the person’s childhood, Act II Explores when they are young and Act III … More Poor Arthur


My desire for you is despicable, It torments me I want you so much, it consumes my soulLike flames engulfing me head to toe Like a moth attracted to its own end I am scared and I run at the slightest touch But like the moth I want it all that much We are destined … More Inevitable

The God – Exordium

In the strangeness of the night, as light shone on the gravels on the street, till the street fade away into darkness; He walked at an amble pace as if wading through ocean waves with cold wind hitting his face. This place always washed him with a tide of emotions. Small, ancient looking houses on … More The God – Exordium

A Letter to myself

I don’t generally like giving advice to people, unless they ask me. But I am getting this urge to write this down, so I am doing it. I have come to realize some basic things in life, yeah they are pretty much your fortune cookie stuff but hey! Once you really think about them, they … More A Letter to myself

The last call

They both stood there as if there was nobody else, nothing else apart from them that existed in the world. He cupped her little face in his hands; her cheeks flushed red, her eyes on the verge of tears. His eyes on the other hand looking intently into her eyes, his deep black eyes full … More The last call