Bucket List

I am very impulsive and there are a lot of things that i want to do
these are just a few of them

  1. Attend an Eminem Live Concert
  2. Attend a Coldplay Live concert
  3. Attend a Bryan Adams Concert
  4. Attend Moulin rouge
  5. Meet SRK
  6. Meet Rahul Dravid
  7. Meet Warren Buffet ( this has to be done pretty quickly)
  8. Go Bungee Jumping
  9. Sky diving
  10. River Water Rafting
  11. Go on a Cruise trip
  12. Piss from the Edge of the world ( from a mountain or a very high building)
  13. Attend La tomatina
  14. Write a Novel
  15. Fall in love
  16. Have Kids
  17. Make a Library at my home
  18. Buy a Light saber
  19. Buy a Katana
  20. Direct a Movie
  21. Go for a Cosplay
  22. Eat legfolded  in business suits on a Business lunch
  23. Visit all the awesome theme parks
  24. Festival of Lanterns, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  25. Go on a rough terrain road trip in an SUV
  26. A road trip on bike
  27. A road trip in an open car (convertible)
  28. Get ‘M O N K’ tattoed on the fingers of my left hand One letter per finger
  29.  Be a celebrity
  30. Own a farmhouse on a hill station
  31. Own a caffe with a library on the terrace or some high place with telescopes and starry sky
  32. Take my parents and close relatives on a world tour
  33. Go on an Adventure trip with my best friends
  34. Learn Piano
  35. Sing a song for the love of my life
  36. Do a lot of charity work
  37. Visit almost all the countries
  38. Live in a village away from everyone for a while
  39. Attend St. Pattricks Day in Ireland
  40. Celebrate Christmas in Singapore
  41.  Waltz with a beautiful women
  42. Go to vegas ( What happens in vegas stays in vegas)
  43. Drive on the Millao bridge
  44. Go to Leh Laddakh
  45. Own a Sports bike, a Harley Davidson, and a super car.
  46. Learn Painting
  47. Pay a surprise visit to my parents sometime
  48. Visit all the major Temples, shrines etc of the world
  49. Act in a movie
  50. Attend a convocation and may be give a convocation speech.
  51. Win some International Award ( may be booker :P)
  52. Drive over Millao Bridge
  53. Own a 1000 Books
  54. Visit Whistler Canada
  55. Visit Santa Claus Village, Finland


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