Poor Arthur

This story was written as a part of a group activity, it was written in a hurry so please don’t judge me 😛 The topic was to explore Abnormal Psychological Conditions. I chose to write on Avoidant Personality Disorder. Act I explores the person’s childhood, Act II Explores when they are young and Act III … More Poor Arthur

The God – Exordium

In the strangeness of the night, as light shone on the gravels on the street, till the street fade away into darkness; He walked at an amble pace as if wading through ocean waves with cold wind hitting his face. This place always washed him with a tide of emotions. Small, ancient looking houses on … More The God – Exordium

The last call

They both stood there as if there was nobody else, nothing else apart from them that existed in the world. He cupped her little face in his hands; her cheeks flushed red, her eyes on the verge of tears. His eyes on the other hand looking intently into her eyes, his deep black eyes full … More The last call

Days of Reminiscence

Please read the Part 1 for this Story here The Tales of Prince Darrius Act 2 It took a few minutes for Darrius to regain his senses but his mind was still cluttered by the events of the day. One moment everything was almost perfect, Weather was great, city was happy, his Father was proud … More Days of Reminiscence

A December Evening

It was December, cold winds were sweeping across the country. The weather had a mood to it, of mystery, intrigue, an Enigma. Dusk had begun to fade into night, The street was mostly empty with a few couples here and there, travelling in either direction on the street. Street lamps, artistically designed to recreate an … More A December Evening

Dream By A Window

It was mid afternoon but there was no sign of sun anywhere. The sky was covered in clouds some grey, some pitch black and some white. The city was small with narrow roads, roads were chaotic but there was a beauty to the chaos. People were running in all directions, some with an umbrella, some … More Dream By A Window

Who Is Monk ?

“Get ready, He is in the elevator.” “He might be here anytime now..” –Gate opens– “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to dear sir, happy birthday to you!” “Ohh that’s so sweet of you all. Thanks for giving such a memorable start to my day.” A forced smile appeared on his … More Who Is Monk ?