Morbid Wanderer

In this vastness as dark as night I walk without a clue Who knows where the lake is? My guess is as good as your fluke Treading through the emptiness I don’t know where I am headed But wherever that place be? I am sure it must be dreaded Alas! Its fate and I am … More Morbid Wanderer

A December Evening

It was December, cold winds were sweeping across the country. The weather had a mood to it, of mystery, intrigue, an Enigma. Dusk had begun to fade into night, The street was mostly empty with a few couples here and there, travelling in either direction on the street. Street lamps, artistically designed to recreate an … More A December Evening

For You

The quest for excellence is a lonely one And he had been on it for as long as he could remember He took a lot of chances, and sacrificed a lot But stayed on the path, inching closer, getting farther For the path is very tricky, it shows you the trophy But it takes from … More For You

Satan’s Symphony

She was my little pearl and I loved her most, ever precious But the more I loved, the more I feared I could guard her from the world, but how from myself For I am the darkness and devil manifest I was like a shell, hiding her, keeping her safe But in my blindness I … More Satan’s Symphony