A Letter to myself

I don’t generally like giving advice to people, unless they ask me. But I am getting this urge to write this down, so I am doing it. I have come to realize some basic things in life, yeah they are pretty much your fortune cookie stuff but hey! Once you really think about them, they … More A Letter to myself

The last call

They both stood there as if there was nobody else, nothing else apart from them that existed in the world. He cupped her little face in his hands; her cheeks flushed red, her eyes on the verge of tears. His eyes on the other hand looking intently into her eyes, his deep black eyes full … More The last call

Patience, My Friend

Through the eye of storm I see, Emotions swirl around me A modicum of peace and tinge of despair Boundless anxiety and a faint apparition of fear As I dive down into the storm I am brushed by indistinguishable forms The Bluish hue is solitude, my only truest friend In violet is desire, that sly … More Patience, My Friend

अधूरी कहानी…

अधूरी कहानियों की भी अपनी ही एक बात है! कुछ ख्वाहिशे है, और कुछ जज़्बात है! अधूरी कहानी, एक अबूझ पहेली है! क्या हो सकता, क्या ना होता! एक दास्तान है, जो अनकही रह गयी! लेखक के अंतरमन में, बस थमी रह गयी! एक तड़प है, तूफान है! एक उथल पुथल है, जिससे सब अंजान … More अधूरी कहानी…

Here, Let me feel good about myself

AQUARIUS – Does It in the Water (January 20 to February 18) Trustworthy. Attractive. Great kisser. One of a kind. Loves being in long-term relationships. Tries hard. Will take on any project. Proud of themselves in whatever they do. Messy and unorganized. Procrastinators. Great lovers, when they’re not sleeping. Extreme thinkers. Loves their pets usually … More Here, Let me feel good about myself