Morbid Wanderer

In this vastness as dark as night I walk without a clue Who knows where the lake is? My guess is as good as your fluke Treading through the emptiness I don’t know where I am headed But wherever that place be? I am sure it must be dreaded Alas! Its fate and I am … More Morbid Wanderer

Days of Reminiscence

Please read the Part 1 for this Story here The Tales of Prince Darrius Act 2 It took a few minutes for Darrius to regain his senses but his mind was still cluttered by the events of the day. One moment everything was almost perfect, Weather was great, city was happy, his Father was proud … More Days of Reminiscence


Unlike most other sports movie you would have seen. Yes this movie is not about patriotism, neither about a struggling sports person or a broke manager. Yeah there is a weak team involved but this movie is about business, about tactics, about diplomacy (stunning at times!). Baseball is in the backdrop and you might have … More Moneyball